Planting Roots


Daily Prompt – Roots

This daily prompt word (for Wednesday) could not be any more appropriate.

We had just come back from having a second look at the place we will be calling home in little less than a month. Again, even with the current owners’ belongings still in it, we felt at home there. I could see our furniture in place of theirs and picture myself across the street on a bench writing in the dog park while Violet ran around or lay at my feet.

Hubby took measurements and I took pictures, trying to size things up for what we can and can’t take. I remember we over-estimated our current space when we moved in and had a lot in boxes for a long time. We are really trying to purge as much as we can. In fact, Hubby has put a list on his Facebook and is getting a lot of interest on some items…others not so much! LOL

There is a real difference between this move and any other I have ever done. I was always either trying to run away from someone/thing or looking for some way to make my life better. In either case, I was always disappointed. The things I was running from were inside me and there was never a pot of gold waiting at the end of the imagined rainbow.

When Hubby and I moved to this place it was to get out of debt and save up for a house. We never dreamed we would be here for 10 years. There is not much wrong with this place, except that there is a lot of upkeep that neither of us is able to do on a regular basis. Also, we have been getting hit with a lot of assessments for repairs of other buildings and we decided it would be better to put that money into a better place for us.

We are not moving into a house or even another townhouse. The place is 23 years old though much of it has been updated, inside and out. It doesn’t have the gourmet kitchen that some of the places we looked at had. The strata council has recently purchased some gym equipment; however, there is no pool or hot tub.

So what is the difference?


I can see myself feeling comfy here. I have always loved the Langley and will be able to reconnect with some good friends. The unit itself will be so much easier to maintain and we have no yard work whatsoever (aside from picking up after Violet!). I don’t feel I am running away from anything. It is just time to move on and this is a nice place to move to.

Hubby and I both feel that God called us to this little suite and park. We believed that when we first put in the offer so were a little taken aback when we didn’t get it. But we accepted it as a lesson and went on with our search, changing some of our criteria. When God felt we were ready, He made it available again and we got it! I totally believe that the Lord does not make things easy just because we are faithful. In fact, the more faithful you are, the more He may test you! This is where He wants us to plant roots.

As for my health, there doesn’t seem to be any mold issues, the elevator is right beside us (but situated so as not to be noisy), both by the suite and our parking space in the garage so walking is not a problem. There is a ramp outside to the front door so no steps there. All the fresh air from the park will be good for my lungs and it is super quiet for my migraines. I can get some exercise on the treadmill and exercise bike, plus there are two gyms very close. Shopping is close and I can get my online delivery there as well.

When dealing with chronic illness it is often very difficult to commit to anything because you don’t know how you will react to it. I just see this place as somewhere I can relax and be me, whatever that may be at any given time. I can hide out in my big beautiful bedroom, relax in the comfy living room and binge watch old McGyver or Gilmore Girls episodes, go across the street to the park with Violet (and Monkey on a lead so she can get some outside time) and write, or go visit family and friends or shop.

I also feel roots in the fact that this is where Hubby grew up and where (at the moment) his parents and his brother still live. His parents may move some day but they won’t be far away and several other family members stay with his brother so we will be able to visit them more than we have.

They say home is where your heart is, and I can really feel my heart being happy here.



7 Replies to “Planting Roots”

  1. So happy to know you’ve found something that your heart instantly bonded with. Now that’s incredibly rare, I have to say! Looking forward to reading how you feel after a few days in the new place. But the vibe sounds just great! ❤

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