Another Hospital Trip, Another Purple Dress


Daily Prompt – Better

I am late to the party on this daily prompt word (it is from Saturday). However, when I finally checked it I couldn’t resist as it is the perfect word on so many levels.

  1. On Friday at 2:20 pm (exactly 2 hours late), I was wheeled into the operating room for my hernia repair. The on-again-off-again-on-again surgery was finally happening. Since I only had around 48 hours notice, I was feeling better about it – not so much time to stress out.
  2. Much of the stress I was feeling about moving also melted away with the surgery. I can’t lift for 2-6 weeks and we are going to be in our new place two weeks from today (Saturday). I have packed about all I can and now I just leave it in the capable hands of Hubby, friends and, of course, God.
  3. I was able to handle some claustrophobic situations during surgery such as having an oxygen mask on my face when I was put to sleep, and enduring a C-Pap machine (used for sleep apnea, they were trying to get my oxygen levels up) in recovery…for an hour!
  4. I took the news well that I would have to stay overnight because of the breathing and heart rate concerns (the former being low and the latter high). I knew that if they were able to stabilize them right away, there was less chance I would be coming back if I couldn’t manage the levels at home.
  5. My faith was strengthened when I was able to tell my story to a nurse who regained some hope. I also prayed for an elderly patient (from where I was) who was in a lot of pain, was breathing on his own, but was not waking up. They were quite concerned about him, and I was too. But the Lord must have heard my prayers because when they were working on him he squeezed the nurse’s finger when asked to.
  6. The doctor told Hubby that I came through the surgery well. The charge nurse told him I was a “Trooper”.
  7. While I am in pain, I am feeling very “up”. There have been no signs of depression which often comes after anesthetic.

Okay, I am sure you got the hospital visit part, but you are probably asking what about the purple dress. You may have read my previous post The Paramedic and The Purple Dress where I was rushed to the hospital all dressed up for a family reunion BBQ at my in-laws. It is no secret that purple is my favorite color and I have lots of it!

I just got some new clothes that I ordered from an online company. I have shopped there a lot because the clothes are cotton and comfortable and come in larger sizes. My previous purple dress was from there as well. I just got the package last week and when I tried on the purple dress I knew it was what I wanted to wear home from the hospital. It is loose and light and purple always helps me to look better than I feel!

Sure enough, the nurse came over to me when I had changed and said, “oh my, that is a lovely purple dress.”

A previous hospital tradition that my Mom started when I was young was to get a pineapple milkshake from Dairy Queen. I found out a few years ago that I am allergic to pineapple. So, the new hospital tradition is going to be to wear there or home a purple dress! It makes things so much better. (Oh, and that isn’t me in the picture, but it is the dress).



20 Replies to “Another Hospital Trip, Another Purple Dress”

    1. Thanks, Felicia! When I was sewing a lot and went to the local fabric store, they would say, “So glad you came in today, we got in some new purple and thought of you!” It could be any kind of fabric.

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    I am reblogging my own post because it seems to have gotten lost. I was writing this while still under the influence of anesthetic and morphine and published it too early. You may have tried to read it and gotten an error message


  2. Do hope your feeling better. I am waiting on results to see if I have a hernia and I see my doctor on Thursday. I am hoping if it is that I can get it done quickly as i travel in August. So i need the 6 weeks to recuperate . purple…I love purple too xxx….sending healing light and love to you xx

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    1. Thank you. It will be slow, but I can see an improvement already. I do hope you can get yours looked after quickly. Mine had a chance to get bigger and was much more uncomfortable in the weeks before the surgery.

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      1. At first it was just an uncomfortable pressure but it did get pretty painful and I had full time nausea as well. I wish you the best.


  3. I’m new to your blog. And I’m glad your ok! Hernias hurt! That purple dress sounds amazing, is that company in the USA? I am in Ireland. I also blog about mental illness and my life living blind and with did and ptsd I have dissociative identity disorder, check it out if you want to follow please do. hugs again, xo

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    1. I look forward to checking out your blog! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Holy Clothing is in the US but I am in Canada and order all the time. The clothes are shipped from India (ethically made). Check out!

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    1. Thanks, Jenny! We have been moving this weekend (which is why I haven’t been blogging between that and the surgery). I have had to sit back and let others do most of the work which is hard but it has been great to see all the people come out to help. Thanks for the prayers.

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