Lucky Bamboo and Marigolds!


Here’s another post from the little notes I made while knee deep in move details.

When the previous owners of our new condo moved out, they left some “presents” for us all over the place. While most of these were in the form of cleaning supplies, there was one item that stood out for me. It was actually the first thing I saw when we walked in and traveled down the main hallway to the kitchen.

There, on the half wall separating the kitchen from the hall, was a glass planter filled with white rocks and Lucky Bamboo.

Now, I am not sure if this plant was left as a house-warming gift or just because they were traveling across the country and couldn’t take it. Either way, I took it as the symbol of friendship and good fortune that Lucky Bamboo represents.

I thought about the plant and how it made me feel at home even before we moved any furniture in.

At the old place, there is a square planter by the front door. It belonged to my next door neighbour who passed away. One of her daughters let me have it. It is very heavy and not practical to move. So, I bought some annuals (petunias, marigolds, etc.) and planted them as a “welcome home” present to our new owner. She was very happy, as it was the first thing she saw the day we passed the keys over to her.

I have always believed in paying things forward.



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