“It’s Deja Vu All Over Again”


Several years ago I injured my foot and it had a huge bruise on the top of it with my whole lower leg swelling up and feeling like it was going to burst. We went to the local clinic, had blood work and x-rays done and went home. That evening the clinic called and told us to go to the hospital for an ultrasound because the blood test came back positive for a blood clot.

We went, but by the time we saw a doctor the ultrasound department was closed. I had to go back in the morning, have the scan done and wait hours in the ER again for the results. And, of course, it came back negative for a blood clot.

Well, Tuesday’s visit to the doctor produced the exact same results. Because we had to fast, Hubby and I went for our lab work yesterday morning. Around 5 pm the doctor from the clinic called and said that the test for a blood clot came back positive so I should get to the hospital ASAP.

Now, this is a different hospital and is a lot smaller, without all the new bells and whistles of the brand new ER in our old city. But it was super busy. If I had gotten through the system in an hour, I would have had my scan and been on my way (hopefully). However, while this is a great place to live, it is still in the real world and things just down work that way. We got there about 5:30 and I saw the doctor around 10 pm, had a chest x-ray, anticoagulant shot, and instructions to wait for a call to set up an appointment for my ultrasound on Thursday (today). I got the call to go in this afternoon, then go back to the ER for the results.

Sounding familiar? Ya, I thought so too.

The rest of this saga will have to wait until after the appointment, but if history is really repeating itself (and I so pray it is), the scan will be negative for blood clots and I will be on my way. Though my naturopath believes that even if it isn’t a clot, I definitely have circulation issues in my right side. Hubby and I tend to agree with her.

Until then,




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      1. Yes, I got several who are in the same. I thought, they followed me already. It was me who messed up. I used an inactive blog to try different theme and activated it, but it under the same author – me. At the same time I made a slight change on my main blog site address, so they all got mixed up. Thank you for your patience!

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