Monkey’s Big Adventure!


Moving to our new place has been great for three out of four of our family. My Hubby has a shorter commute to work, I feel less isolated where we live, and our dog, Violet, has a nice big off leash dog park across the street.

The one who has kind of gotten a raw deal is our cat, Monkey. She is actually a pretty laid back and accepting little one, but she loved following Violet and me on our walks at our old complex or sitting on the fence looking down on her “world”. Here she gets to look out off our third-storey balcony; however, when Violet gets to go out that front door for a walk, Monkey gets told, “sorry”.

Well at least until today. We have been looking for her harness so we can take her out on a leash so she can at least have some time outside on the grass. She has been on a harness and lead before so it isn’t a new thing. I finally found the harness this morning and it still fits with a few adjustments.

Hubby and Violet were going out so we decided it would be good for Monkey and I to go too. It had been raining but wasn’t at the moment. Monkey hates rain….of course! After all, she is a cat! Anyway, I got the leash on her and she was amazed that the door was opening wide enough for her to go out too!

But then came the shocker! Her eyes were wide and she looked totally surprised. She was used to there being “outside” on the other side of the front door. When we brought her here she was in her crate so she really didn’t know where she was. But there was carpet and then these big doors opened to a box (elevator)! I picked her up and we went into the elevator. When we got to the main floor, one of Violet’s friends and his human parents were coming back from outside and so it was a good thing I had Monkey in my arms.

I let her down and we finally got to the real outdoors. She walked perfectly on her leash following behind Hubby and Violet. They were going on their big walk and we were just following along for a bit. We got to a certain point and Monkey wanted to head back. She isn’t used to lots of cars and in the old neighbourhood they went very slowly. Here we live on an actual street – it isn’t a very busy one, but from the perspective of a little cat it probably seemed like a freeway!

She kept wanting to dart into the trees; however, I had the short lead instead of the 16-foot retractable leash we bought for her. We thought it was better to start with what she knows first. She also kept looking up at the first-floor balcony as if she wanted to jump up to it (the first floor is slightly elevated and you walk up a ramp to get to the front door). It puzzled me at first until I realized she probably thought it was ours – something familiar for her.

I just let her lead the way and we went across the driveway to the building next door. she was checking out one of the bushes when it started to rain again. I had no problem coaxing her into going back up our ramp and into the building. I once again carried her into the elevator and into our place. She let me unhook her and pretty well went straight to bed.

She slept most of the day. After all, even though her little adventure lasted all of 15 minutes, it was big to her.


24 Replies to “Monkey’s Big Adventure!”

  1. Awww… Makes me miss my first cat, Poupine… The old thing would walk on a leash also, and we often went walking together. We got stopped every couple of feet because people thought it was so cute to walk a cat….

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    1. I lived along a river several years ago with a boardwalk along it. At night you would see dozens of dogs and their owners walking along the water. My friend had a small dog and I got a kitten (all white this time and named Sherbrooke). I trained him on a leash from the day I got him and my friend and I would take our animals for a walk as often as we could. People loved “Sherbie”. I would also carry him in a black sports bag over my shoulder if I was going to the vet or the pet store. People would see me and say “Hi Sherbrooke” and his head would pop out of his bag!

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      1. Ha ha, that is actually a very funny story. In my late 20’s I was diagnosed with clinical depression and I went to a day program at the local Psychiatric hospital named for the street it was on “Sherbrooke”. A friend of mine (and my parents’ next door neighbour was also in the same program. She said that another neighbour had two kittens they had to find homes for. She took one and I took the other. Because I was in the neighbourhood I took the kitten to my parents’ house (where I grew up) and my Mom said I was nuts to get a cat when I could hardly look after myself. She said you should name it Sherbrooke! And so I did. Now my Mom wasn’t really putting me down there. She worried about me living on my own and dealing with all the medical stuff. She was actually glad I had a pet to take my mind off things and to keep me company.


  2. I’m enjoying your blog posts, found you on the meet and greet! Your Monkey is adorable, she looks like my Jag ๐Ÿ™‚ Poor thing that she can’t go for walks like the ‘old days’. Glad she had a little adventure and hopefully she will get to enjoy more adventures soon!

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  3. I’m enjoying your blog posts, found you on the meet and greet! Your Monkey is adorable, she looks like my Jag ๐Ÿ™‚ Poor thing that she can’t go for walks like the ‘old days’. Glad she had a little adventure and hopefully she will get to enjoy more adventures soon!

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