Lydia’s Got A New Set of Wheels!

No, I did not trade my van in for a new car, T-Bird or other. In fact, we are getting ready to sell the van and stick with one vehicle for now. And these new wheels aren’t new, I just haven’t used them myself!

I have been having some vertigo problems lately. It isn’t my BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) where the crystals in my ear go out of place. That usually happens when I get up or turn too quickly and is instantaneous. What is happening now is much worse. I feel it a lot when I am at the dog park but it happens everywhere.

I feel light-headed, then it is like the whole world is spinning around me. I can actually black out for a few seconds and/or start falling. Afterward, it is like I have lead feet and my brain is mush. I can’t think or talk straight for several minutes.

When it happened twice in the dog park and people had to help me back across the street to our building, I started to rethink things. The park grass is very uneven. This makes walking more difficult for anyone, but especially when you are not sure-footed, to begin with. Also, when the big pups get playing and I am in the field area rather than the corners where everyone gathers, I am sometimes worried I might be hit and fall. It isn’t the dogs’ fault, but it can happen.

So, I decided that I should start taking a walker to the park instead of my cane. As always I need to find the positives in every negative so here they are:

  • Seating at the park can be sparse and I usually have to sit for a lot of my time there. The walker gives me my own seat!
  • It is a good “shield” to protect me from the dogs playing – after all, it is their park.
  • I can carry my cell phone, keys, Kindle, water and dish for Violet, water and/or juice for me, puppy treats and anything else I might need under the seat or in the pockets. This is also a negative because the dogs know I have the treats in there so every time I stand up they come running! LOL!
  • I found out I have some very good new friends at the dog park. If I don’t have the walker they want to know WHY! It is usually because hubby is with me.
  • I can walk longer and further with Violet so we are both getting more exercise!

The walker, and a wheelchair also in my possession, belonged to my Dad. He also had a lift chair recliner that has been so handy when I need to sleep propped up or having difficulty standing. My sister didn’t want them, though she can have or use them anytime if she needs to. But we did not want to get rid of these items so they remain with us. I am so thankful to my Dad for these items. I hated seeing him have to use them but I know there is no shame. The shame comes from NOT using them due to pride, especially when they are sitting right there!

So off I go in my purple dress with my walker (a little more modern than the picture!).





11 Replies to “Lydia’s Got A New Set of Wheels!”

  1. I wish they didn’t call it benign right? It is so NOT benign. It is life altering those crystals. My daughter has this and there is a youtube video that has Physical therapy for the crystals that she says help her if it gets bad. Best wishes to you that this passes. I”m glad you have some wheels to help you

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    1. Thanks, Bethany. I feel for your daughter. I had a doctor treat it a few times and then gave me exercises to do. But I believe it was combined with the fact my right leg is not stable and I hit a very slight uneven patch in the pavement.


  2. James got one for me, but I haven’t had to use it yet. He got it for those times that I have knee pain, hip pain, or when my foot suddenly feels broken, so I can go out to the mailbox easier.

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    1. I am glad you have it if you need it. But now if I don’t use it and anyone from the dog park sees me (even outside of the park like to go see my hubby at his bus parked out front), they yell where’s your walker! LOL!!! Got to love it!


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