Where There Is Fire…


(photo by H. Olson)


I know the old saying is “where there is smoke there is fire”. But you know I love to play with my titles and in this case, my interpretation is more accurate.

I live in Western Canada, between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. While the South West is not having very much wild fire activity, the interior of the province of BC is in a state of emergency. We have had evacuations, homes being destroyed, and have had to call in fire teams from as far as Australia.

For the last few weeks, I have been having shortness of breath, migraines, dizziness, asthma, and fatigue – more than normal on all counts. Hubby checked the air quality index and it was high, partly to do with smoke trickling down from the fire zones. I realized that even though people were not seeing the smoke, we were all feeling it one way or another. For me, it was triggering several of my chronic conditions.

During the last few days, the smoke stepped up its game, covering up views, blocking out the sun, and changing the colours of the sky, sun, and moon. Thursday night, there were some stars in the sky and a normal coloured moon. I was also breathing easier, both literally and figuratively. But Friday was another hot and humid day with a haze of smoke looming once again.


Hubby joked the other night to his brother about my reaction to smoke with “don’t you remember when she almost passed out from blowing out birthday candles?” But it is actually true, I have been extremely dizzy from just the smoke of one candle when it is blown out.

For me, and a lot of other people, the hardest thing about this whole situation is that a few of the fires are said to be purposefully set. That just blows my mind.

Here’s hoping and praying that the fires are contained soon and the thousands of people affected by this tragedy will be able to go home…and that they will have homes to go back too.



14 Replies to “Where There Is Fire…”

      1. I actually knew what you meant. And you are right, it is. We were hoping that the smoke over us will leave over the weekend as they predicted but the air quality index is at 150 now so it is going up not down.

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  1. I hope the smoke will clear for you and that there will be some improvement in this dreadful wildfire situation. It is ghastly to think that some of these fires were set on purpose. So many people have lost their homes and livelihoods. I’m in Eastern Canada and every day we see reports of the destruction. does it help if you stay indoors on smoky days? Or does it still get in?

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    1. It does help to be in, especially since we have several hepa air purifiers and an air conditioner. But I can’t stay in all the time, with a dog to walk when my hubby is at work, etc. But we are supposed to start seeing breaks soon.

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  2. I wrote to our Prime Minister to ask if we could send all our rain (we’ve had more than our fair share so far this summer) to Western Canada, as a helping hand. Let’s hope he thinks that’s a good idea!

    Jokes aside, I am sorry to read it affects you like that… And I hope the smoke clears out soon, so you can feel better quickly!


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    1. Thanks, dear friend. The PM was actually here early last week and commented on the smoke situation being almost as bad as the fires themselves. But no promise of rain! Thanks for trying. As for me, Hubby gave me the day off from having to take Violet for walks, picking up the grocery order (we order online and pick up the next day) and let me sleep much of the day. I am feeling better tonight…until I go out tomorrow!

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