Being human, posting realities……. 

Beck speaks of painful reality – something I (and so many of us) know all too well.



Hello and happy Thursday!I know myself to be many things. A wife and mother. A daughter and sister. A friend.
I’m a writer. I create things, both at my sewing machine and with words. And I’m human.

As I battled between the two blogs I was working on for last week and this one, I was battling a bit with myself. At this point, during any long break, I start to sink a bit. Without the norms of a structured day, (school is out! Cue the strains of Alice Cooper’s summer anthem), I tend to feel lost. My daughter is home, there is plenty to do. But my energy ran away from home and doesn’t seem to be coming back!
During my last visit to the pain doc, he encouraged me to try lowering the dose of one of my meds. He instructed me about the how’s, and I know…

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