The Journey to Vibrant – The Little Things

It is funny how a simple little change can make all the difference in the world. I have done a few things lately that have had an impact.

I have really crappy finger nails. They split and break and I end up clipping them really short. I am always envious of women who have beautifully manicured nails… even the false ones. I don’t have a budget to get mine done professionally, so I decided to get some good quality nails and do it myself. A few fell off but were replaced and I love them. While they do make some things more difficult, that is minor compared to how they make me feel – feminine and vibrant! I don’t think I will always do them, but they are a great pick-me-up!

I am starting to organize things. I have to work my days around trips to the park with Violet. With writing, transcribing jobs, keeping the house clean, and still unpacking, the day can get away from me really fast. So I am trying to get myself onto some sort of schedule. Following it is still a challenge, but I am taking baby steps.

I am also organizing things as I unpack and put them away. I have a bunch of small drawers in the kitchen and, while I don’t have labels on them, they each have a purpose and a name. It is working out so well and I always find what I need quickly!

  • Linen things
  • Long things (BBQ tools, long spoons, etc.)
  • Cutlery things
  • Pro things (my culinary knives, etc.)
  • Baking things (wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas)
  • Little things (measuring spoons & cups, bag clips, corn cob handles)
  • Plastic things (containers for leftovers)

Okay, that may seem a little OCD but then so am I LOL (no offense to other sufferers as it is not an easy thing to deal with).

More than in our two other homes together, I am really trying to make this one organized and easy to maintain. Because to be honest, I don’t feel vibrant in a disorganized home.

I am also taking the time to stop and smell the petunias. I would say roses but I am highly allergic to all scented flowers and petunias are one of my favourites, anyway.

Another small change I am making for me is to discuss things with my Hubby more. I share how I am feeling, what stresses me, and confess when I give in to my food addiction/bingeing disorder or spent money without consulting him.

And last but certainly not least, I am putting God first in new ways. I have started an online devotional, am chatting with several Christian women who all have health issues as well.


Daily Prompt – Organize

5 Replies to “The Journey to Vibrant – The Little Things”

  1. Hi Lydia. It’s funny how in sync we are at the moment. I just returned home from a month in Hawaii. Though it’s not the same as moving house, I still have quite a bit of unpacking to do. I don’t do well in a disorganized house either. Because of my mental health and physical health problems, I’m unable to work. I have to create my own schedule. Boy, is it hard to stick to! Though I’m not Christian, I have a close relationship with God, and the Universe as well. That connection inspires me, and keeps me sane(somewhat). I enjoy your blog. Keep writing!

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