“I See Skies of Blue, Clouds of White!”

I mentioned in my recent post “Where There Is Fire…,” that smoke has been traveling down to the coast from a horrific number of wild fires all over my province of British Columbia, Canada.

The skies have been gray with no clouds or view of the mountains. The sun and moon have been strangely colored with shades of orange and red.

But yesterday changed all that with a blue sky peeking through and wisps of white cloud. Today, the clouds are puffy – hopefully filled with much needed rain.

I am breathing easier as well, which is another sign that the smoke is lifting. I have a migraine but can attribute this one to a clogged sinus. I am not happy to have that, but it beats the alternative.

Unfortunately, we are not at the end of the fire season. There are many still burning out of control and new ones are starting. It was very nice to see a group of people stopping along a highway to put out a small brush fire in the meridian after it was sparked by a flying ember. A fire crew came just in time to make sure it was completely out. But it could have been something worse if not for the quick thinking of the travelers.

I am going to let Louis Armstrong let you know how I am feeling today.


8 Replies to ““I See Skies of Blue, Clouds of White!””

  1. I can’t even imagine what Louis Armstrong saw, felt, heard, and lived through back in his time. Yet, he sang this beautiful verse which has made it timeless. Here’s hoping the fires die down, or ideally completely out. May your migraine follow suit. Highest and Best!

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