Vibrant – Ganache and Clunky Clogs

I guess it is only fitting to follow up “I’m The Ugliest Girl I Know” with another chapter in my Journey to Vibrant.

When you are dealing with chronic illness, you find you have to give up a lot of things that brought you joy just because it is too painful (physically and emotionally) to continue. And yet, it is very important to do things that bring you joy but are still within your new set of abilities. In my case, I have had to give up more and more as my health got worse.

However, since our move, I am feeling stronger physically and mentally. Of course, I am not “cured”, it is just that I am getting the right blend of exercise, fresh air, socialization, and mental stimulation. I still have to stay within my limitations but it is good to know I can live a full life.

On Saturday I finished my first cake order in a few years. There were hiccups along the way, but I tried to take it slow and let the creativity flow. When I got frustrated I would take a step back and make a decision as to the best solution. Sometimes that meant starting over and others it was letting it go. I also let my neighbour come and help when I wasn’t feeling well. She did an excellent job on the cake board. I say “let”, because she volunteered and I usually say no thanks and then struggle.

This is very good for my self-image because it is tapping my creativity. When we delivered the cake it was above and beyond the clients’ expectations. So much so that when the husband brought back our cake stands he asked if I was considering getting back into it because there were at least 20 people that were interested.

Now you always know that people say this but don’t always follow through. But this guy was really excited about promoting us and even said that we should be charging much more and would lay that out for anyone he sent to us. I laughed with hubby after that it looks like we have an agent.

Now I say “we” a lot here because while I am the one who does the actual baking, designing and decorating, hubby is very much a part of the whole cake process. First of all, I only took on the job after talking it through with him and setting the price and other ground rules. There were several times on the final day that I wanted to pack it in because things were going wrong, but he was right there to do whatever was needed. That meant either helping, encouraging me, suggesting an alternative or solution, and mostly just loving me.

Oh, by the way, if you aren’t familiar with it, ganache is a decadent and rich mixture of chocolate and hot heavy cream. It was used on the tops of the cupcakes and to coat the cake underneath the fondant.

Okay, enough about cake.

For one day I was able to fit back into my raspberry clogs and I felt vibrant. They really do make a difference both in my walking and my self-image. The reference I made in “I’m The Ugliest Girl I Know” regarding being back in a pixie cut and clunky shoes is very important. What was the bane of my existence when I was a child is now what makes me “me”.

It is coming time to wear something other than slip-on sandals and I can’t guarantee that my beautiful clogs will fit every day. Since they really are the best shoes for me thanks to the support and traction they give, I talked to Hubby about getting a new pair. Now, these babies are an investment, but I have had the raspberry ones for about four years and wore them constantly until they wouldn’t fit.

When I opened the site, staring me right in the face was a picture of my new clunky clogs! There was no doubt in my mind these were for me. And, they come in a size bigger! They have been ordered and I am just like a little kid waiting for them to arrive.


So here’s to the day I can get these beauties on my feet and find a new place to get my hair cut.

September 1st was Hubby’s and my 16th anniversary. We don’t do much because we celebrate our love every day. However, this time it really felt special. I believe we are the happiest and in love we have ever been. The move has really made a big difference in that.

But I also believe it is the changes in us that have made the biggest difference. Since I dropped all the baggage from the past and hubby has allowed himself to see those changes in me things have just blossomed. I remember hearing that one major flaw in marriage is that each person is looking for what they want from the other person and aren’t willing to give until they get it. Well, of course, it never happens. But when you give what the other person needs, you both end up happier.

One more step to vibrant is our “gym”. The back of our great-room (which is actually along the front windows) perfectly fits the new elliptical/bike we were given, my chair gym and our vibe machine. It is out in the open where we remember to use them and also in a neat area. There were a couple of days where I missed working out and I felt it. So when I have posted this, I will be heading to the gym!



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