The Best Laid Plans…

The word tentative is very important in the world of Chronic Illness. All our plans need to be tentative or penciled in. Even when we plan specifically for something and do everything in our power to make it work, there can be something that stops us in our tracks.

This past weekend my Hubby and I were going on a three-day trip to his sister’s new place in the country. We were taking Violet, thinking a time with family and cousin dogs where she can run around would be good for her.

I had been feeling I had a bit of a cold all last week and didn’t have enough energy or strength to decorate a cake to take for our Mom. It was originally going to be two cakes, one for her and a housewarming cake for our hosts but as the week progressed it was going to be one and then it was “take the cake and icing ingredients and I will email you the instructions.” It turned out they all wanted to eat the cake without frosting. That was a compliment because my chocolate cake is very moist and not too sweet!

Anyway, on Friday night I packed our suitcase with clothes for both of us and started to gather up Violet’s things. I was going to have the van packed with whatever could go but I was just too tired. I had been coughing but it was mostly from my throat and nasal congestion at that point. We left things as they were when Hubby got home and went to bed, hoping to get up early and finish the packing.

I had an even worse night than normal. I kept waking up with a cough, leg spasms or both. When I woke up for real my chest was very tight, I was coughing stuff up and I was stiff and sore. I knew I had bronchitis because I have had it so many times before. I also knew that if I went on the trip I could get worse, even pneumonia. So, I changed suitcases, put only Hubby’s clothes in it, grabbed his pillow and sleeping bag, the food he needed to take (gluten-free), the cake stuff, snacks for the journey and all the stuff we were sending up for family members.

Once he was on the road, after walking Violet for me, I went back to bed. I slept for several hours until Violet needed (wanted) to go out again. It was slightly raining so I put my hooded wind-breaker on and went out. Thankfully no one was in or near the park so no having to stand and chat. We did our counter-clockwise route around the park and came home.

I fed them, made some soup and curled up in my recliner to watch a movie. I watched “Out In Style” with Morgan Freeman, Allan Arkin, and Michael Caine. It is a feel-good movie about seniors robbing a bank to get their pension fund back.

After that, I took Violet out again. This time it was pouring out and getting dark. Again we went around outside the park but the daughter of a friend was sitting on a bench in the park while her labradoodle was playing catch me if you can and not wanting to leave. I didn’t dare go in the park because Vi would have been the same. I needed to get home, dry out, and go back to sleep.

The rain did not help my health and my pain levels were through the roof. I was not up to doing my exercises (except the walks of course) so this just made everything worse. I was feeling better Monday, so did a lot of housework and am still paying for it today.

The family were all good about me backing out at the last minute – it wasn’t the first time. They were all sending well-wishes and advice on how to get better. My dog park friends were also concerned even yesterday when I was still coughing. Today I have no voice – I mean even less than normal.

So, I have tentatively planned to do very little today. I guess I am hoping for the reverse effect!


Daily Prompt – Tentative


17 Replies to “The Best Laid Plans…”

  1. Thinking of you Lydia. Nothing worse than a bout of bronchitis. Rest up lovely lady & take care of yourself. So glad you decided to stay home. Hope you feel better very soon 💗

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