The Park As Good Medicine – Part 5

Not The Final Chapter?

We said goodbye to our beloved Goofy Girly-Girl, Violet yesterday. She was at a point where the lump in her throat was cutting off her breathing and making her choke on food, water, air (I understand that one for different reasons). She was definitely in pain and had difficulty standing up, let alone going to the park.

That was when I knew it was time – when she wasn’t even up to enjoying the park. We booked an appointment with the vet for yesterday morning and after a lot of discussion and tears, we knew it would not in her best interest or ours to delay things any longer. She was ready to go…but were we ready to let her?

She pretty much told us it was time when Hubby tried to get her to come to him and she just laid there looking blankly.

I had thought that once Violet was no longer with us I would not go to the park anymore. That was her special place and it just wouldn’t be the same without her. I wouldn’t feel right.

Well, I was very wrong. I have friends there who in four short months have become very special in my life. They are the social part of my day that I so desperately prayed for before our move. What’s more, they loved Violet and care about Hubby and me.

So, when we saw some friends there on our way out to run an errand, we went in to tell them the news. I had texted another friend the news and he was going to spread it, but we told these people in person. It was very hard for us and they were deeply sorry for our loss. Violet had a way of wiggling herself into everyone’s heart. There were even dogs who would run up and say hi to her before going off an playing.

Being there wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. But believe me, it was still hard. We took the bin of Violet’s toys and the other dogs seemed grateful. They sniffed them and picked out their favourites. This pleased us because Violet would lay on the grass and watch the others playing with her toys. I think she was happy because she didn’t have an interest in them but others did.

I went back with some treats later but it was also to talk to a different group of people who also loved our old girl. There were hugs and holding back tears and more dogs playing with toys and getting their treat “from Violet”.

All of this was good medicine. It showed me that I am not just there because of my pet. I am part of a group of people who really care. We are a village where we watch out for each other’s dog and care about what is going one in our lives. We exchange cell numbers for texting, we worry when someone hasn’t been for awhile, and we grieve anyone’s loss whether it be a person or an animal. We also rejoice when a new puppy comes in.

Speaking of that, several people are wondering if/when we will get another dog. Will it be a puppy, an older rescue? These are not only questions we can’t answer now, we don’t even want to think about them.

Today, a lady from the park buzzed us and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her and another dog Mom. There were several colours, but there were purple flowers and purple paper. I couldn’t take the paper off because it was Violet.

As for socializing and exercise, I have met a woman closer to my age who has 8 kids and a dog. She often brings the dog to the park with some of her kids or on her own. She lets me know she is there and I  walk across the street. Now that Violet is not with us, I said I still wanted to meet and she really does too. We share faith and many of the same beliefs and standards. I thank the Lord, and Violet, for bringing this woman into my life.

So, walking the toys over to the park (or picking them up in the evening), visiting when I am up to it, seeing friends outside the park are all ways I am going to still have my socializing and exercise.

And only the Lord knows when the next dog or cat that needs a loving home will find us.




17 Replies to “The Park As Good Medicine – Part 5”

  1. I’m so very sorry for your loss.
    It was over 2 years before we adopted another dog after our Sandy of 20 years left us. She was 21.
    When I first saw our dog now I suddenly felt that Sandy was telling me that Kiki needed rescuing like she was.
    You will know when it’s time.

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    1. Thank You, Wendy. When we lost our other dog, it was 6 months and I ended up adopting a rescue kitten from our vet’s office. If you told me I would get another animal in that short of time let alone a cat, I would have thought you were crazy. But now Monkey the cat is really helping me through this.


  2. Dear Lydia
    My heart is heavy to read this.
    I know how you dreaded this time.
    I’m glad that you are finding healing in little ways.
    It all helps.
    One day, you will open your heart to another baby.
    Do you have enough love to give? Yes.
    Can you do this again? Yes
    The love will grow in your heart because Violet has sewn the seeds.
    As the days will continue to pass, when you are feel like you are at a standstill, you remember, inhale and think about the love and joy that was your Violet.
    I’m sending you a warm hug from Sunshiny South Africa.

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  3. Oh dear Lydia…
    I missed this post by almost 2 weeks, but I just wanted to send you my most sincere condolences… 😦 I was so sad to read about Violet’s passing, and I know how much she meant to you and your husband… I think it is great that you are still going to the dog park to socialize and get exercise. I’m sending you lots and lots of love!! *hugs*

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    1. Thanks, Cyranny! Yes, we do miss her, but we know she is at peace and that is very important. While it is impossible to replace her, I think we will be getting a puppy soon – to give Monkey some company and me a reason to be in the park again. Right now I am helping a friend out with her chihuahua, taking him to the park once a day as she has surgery. It is very healing.

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      1. I think that most pet lovers (for some reason, that sounds wrong LOL) will totally understand that adopting a new pup is not a way to “replace” Violet… There is no replacing our little loving furr balls, but I know how empty a home is when they’re gone. And having another dog will be good for you two, too.

        Violet had a great life with you, and I think it is a sign of great love, when someone is able to put the well being of his/her pet first 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh my heart is hurting for your loss. But I completely understand that feeling too of just being touched by so many because of violet and realizing how many were touched by her. What a loss but so many gains she had given you.
    We are still waiting for the right time. God has not brought us the right next dog for us.
    I’m sorry for your loss

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