Why I Am Not Paticipating In Blogmas This Year

Blogmas is a challenge to write a post every day of December relating to Christmas in some way, shape or form. There are other options to do a couple of weeks or so; however, I am an all in or nothing person.

Besides, it isn’t the number of posts that changed my mind. I actually found many more things I could have written about last year. And I found the discipline of once a day posting stayed with me for a few months into the new year. That, of course, has changed with the deterioration of my health, addition of a new puppy to our home and life in general. But, again, none of these were a deciding factor.

The truth of the matter is I have done it. I accepted a challenge and I met it. I felt good about it, was very happy with my posts, and gained many new followers as well as new people to follow.

If things didn’t go as well this time (as they often don’t with “sequels”), it might take away from how good it was the first time.

And Blogmas is not the only thing I am not doing this year.

  • I decided not to do any Christmas baking this year that is not gluten and every other kind of “free” we have to be conscious of. If I did regular baking for friends and family I would be too tempted to eat it, as would Hubby.
  • The adults in the family decided last year that we weren’t doing gift exchanges anymore. So this year, there is only one gift, for our grandnephew that we need to buy.
  • We were trying to figure out where in our new place we would put the Christmas tree where it will fit, be safe from puppy and cat, and look nice. I thought I had figured it out and then realized do we really need the tree this year? Some lights and decorations will certainly give the Christmas spirit!
  • Every year I struggle with trying to get Christmas cards out and then battle with the guilt when it doesn’t get done. So, this year, I have just plain decided that I am not doing them. No one is probably expecting one anyway LOL!
  • We have the family Christmas dinner a few weeks before Christmas as it is easier for all the out of town members to come. On Christmas day I will see if the local family would like to come for a very scaled down dinner.

I have decided (finally) that it is my best interest to not overextend just because it is a holiday. This way I can enjoy what I do participate in – a candlelight service on Christmas Eve, going out to see all the Christmas lights around, visiting with family and friends. I owe it to myself and those close to me to look after myself.

One thing I do plan to do this Christmas season is to sit back and read the Blogmas posts of all my fellow bloggers who partake this year. I know I will enjoy it!


11 Replies to “Why I Am Not Paticipating In Blogmas This Year”

  1. I love this Lydia. I have just struggled to write so many Christmas cards & it really will have to be the last year.
    Thank you so much for sharing your very wise insights 💗Sam x

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  2. I think you’re being very smart with Christmas this year in scaling things down & making it more manageable (cutting out xmas cuts is a good idea; I’m going to take a leaf from your book and chop my list down to the nearest and dearest 5 family/friends). We tend to overdo things at this time of year and when we’re not well it’s just not worth the extra strain, stress and exhaustion. Love how you’ve listened to your body and your own needs in making your decisions, it gives the rest of us hope that we can do the same! Have a wonderful, restful week Lydia 🙂
    Caz x

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