Reblog – Six Ways to Dominate Christmas With a Chronic Illness

Cynthia from The Disabled Diva shares her take on how to take control of the holidays with chronic illness! Another great read from Cynthia!


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For many years I dreaded Christmas.  It wasn’t  that I hated the holiday, but that I loathed how physically draining keeping up with traditions and extra commitments were.  Thankfully I was able to rekindle my love for Christmas a few years ago by making some changes.  Fall back in love with the season and dominate your holiday by following these tips!

1. Make New Memories


Are you wearing yourself out trying to recreate past Christmas memories?  Do you exhaust yourself trying to decorate, bake, and entertain like you did in the past?  That’s exactly what I did before accepting that my chronic illnesses had changed my life.  It was unfair to expect myself to be able to keep up with the pace that I had in the past.  To reclaim the holiday I zeroed in on which traditions were the most…

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