Book Review – “Acts Of Kindness From Your Armchair”

“Acts Of Kindness from Your Armchair” by Anita Neilson is a very easy read. At the same time, it is full of practical and easy ways to show kindness to yourself and those around you.

Anita is writing for those of us who, like herself, are mostly housebound due to chronic illness. How can you feel kindness toward yourself when you are isolated and not feeling well? How can you reap the benefit of helping others to feel better about yourself if you aren’t able to get out amongst other people? This book shows you how through suggestions and practical applications.

Part one is dedicated to learning to be kind to yourself. Anita talks about looking at yourself in the mirror and really liking what you see. She also suggests that watching too much news can leave a negative impact on us while concentrating on positive programs, movies, books, etc. will help to make the world a better place. I loved this analogy – simple but true. There is so much bad in the world right now and while in many ways we need to know what is going on, it would be refreshing to see the world’s happenings from the positive slant instead of always the negative.

Another way the author suggests we can love ourselves more is to meditate and/or pray. Anita talks a lot about chakras, reiki, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. However, she also talks about the power of God and prayer, leaving it basically for the reader to decide what works best for them. I thought this was well written as to not offend anyone and yet was subtle in its approach.

Part two goes on to discuss kindness toward others. Kindness does not have to be a physical task carried out for another’s benefit. The simple act of not judging others goes a long way to be positive and kind. Inspiring others and showing gratitude also help relationships grow.

Part three looks into kindness toward the animal kingdom with part four delves into the environment. These may not be areas you would associate with a random act of kindness; however, the author shows how each of these areas works together for the greater good.

The end of the book is filled with a treasure trove of resources to assist in finding a way to show yourself and the world a little joy.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is housebound or who just wants to feel good. “Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair” is available on in Kindle and paperback versions.







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