Reblog – It’s Time to Talk Mental Health

A great follow-up to Bell Let’s Talk day! The UK had “It’s Time To Talk” day as well. There are some great resources here as well.


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A Chronic Spoonful

This week in Canada was #BellLetsTalk day, and Time to Talk day in the UK. Both days are focused on mental health awareness, and encouraging people to openly talk about mental health.


Being transparent and discussing mental health experiences and issues is extremely important. It does a number of things:

  •  It can be empowering to share your story.
  • Hearing about others’ stories can let you know that you aren’t alone.
  • Sharing information and talking about mental health normalises it. It helps erase the stigma.
  • Sharing stories and information helps raise awareness and understanding.
  • It’s good to encourage people to talk about their mental health. Bottling things up is no good and can make us feel worse in the long run.

I became interested in Psychology and mental health when I did my BEd (teaching degree). As part of our degree, we had to take a course in Educational Psychology. I…

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