Reblog – Quote of the Day – When true Inspiration is needed I know where to go!

Sam has a really good grasp of the difference between memes and true inspiration.


My Medical Musings

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Inspirational Quotes surround us in today’s world of Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. Throw away lines that are designed to challenge us and motivate us. Do they or are we overwhelmed by the many thoughts, sayings, likes and shares that crowd our day? Do we really take time to reflect and ponder and listen to our own thoughts, or even sort our own thoughts to work out what we really feel, what we really believe?

I’m pondering today, partly because I’m battling severe pain and partly because I need quietness to listen to my own heart, my own thoughts and to just be.

My pain levels are through the roof. I can’t weight bear on my broken leg. It was getting painful yesterday but this morning it was clear something is not right. It’s likely a muscle bleed or a piece of bone has broken off at the break site. All…

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