Reblog – Body Behaving Badly

I really needed this today!

My sinuses are really bad today and I believe I have an infection on the right side. The pain is affecting my teeth, jaw and head. Also on the right side, my leg from the thigh to my toes is swollen and very painful. This is the leg with the total knee replacement 10 years ago. On top of that, I am still having pain from getting my back slammed by an elevator door on Monday.

But Sam’s tips on how she copes with a “Body Behaving Badly” day are spot on. Sometimes it is hard to carry out these simple steps; however, it is necessary for healing.


My Medical Musings

Those of us living with chronic illness will know only too well how our bodies rebel against us with little warning.

Every morning I tentatively wake up, opening one eye at a time very slowly, scared to move. Will my body behave a little today? Will the slightest movement cause searing pain?

Usually it’s the latter. Pain is my constant companion.

Some days though my body just behaves badly…all day!

I find myself having a very one-sided conversation on these days with said body. It goes something like this:

“Really? You’re going to do that to me today?”

“You don’t think I had enough yesterday of your crippling pain?”

“I would actually like to get a few things done today. I need to write, I’ve got to get out for blood tests. I’d love to go for a coffee with my husband”

The only response I get to this conversation…

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