A Dim View of Things

There is a site I go to once in awhile for inspiration in the form of a daily prompt. I haven’t been there in awhile, but it always seems to be a fitting word when I do. The word, “Dim”, was no exception.

Yesterday I went for my annual eye exam. I have been going every year instead of the usual two years because I have been slowly developing cataracts. I knew the outcome of this appointment was not going to be very bright, and I was correct.

In the last while, with or without my glasses, my sight has been cloudy and I have been straining when I try to read. I was hoping and praying that it was just an adjustment to my prescription; however, I was not surprised when the eye doctor gave me the news.

Cataracts have progressed in both eyes and require surgery. The left is the worst and will need it first, but by the time I can get the right one operated on it will need it as well. So, I am on a list to see an eye surgeon. It could be awhile, but at least it will be closer to where I live.

One of my father’s biggest fears was going blind. He had macular degeneration in both eyes, though one was completely gone and the other they managed to save. He had cataracts in that eye; however, because of his age and the loss of sight in the first eye, both of his specialists agreed not to do anything. There was too big a risk of him becoming completely blind.

Blindness doesn’t scare me; however, having surgery done on my eyes does for some reason. The irony here is that with most surgeries the thing I am most afraid of is being put under anaesthetic and in this surgery being awake is my biggest concern!

Well, I have awhile to wait so I have two choices. I can let it eat me up inside or let it go and deal with it when the time comes.

My song selection should give you my answer.


Daily Prompt – Dim


14 Replies to “A Dim View of Things”

    1. Thanks, it is going to be awhile as there is a wait to get in to see the surgeon and then to get dates for each eye. It is so cute hearing the little ones sing that song with such love and enthusiasm!


  1. I had cataract surgery last year, first the Left, and then about a month later, the Right. The difference was amazing. I had not realized that the cataracts were not just blurring things, but filtering colors as well.

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