What My Current Depression is Teaching Me

It has been about a week since I wrote my last post saying I didn’t know when I would write again because of depression. Well, I never thought that the very thing that was keeping me from writing would actually inspire me to do so!

And that is only one of the many things I am getting out of this low point in my mental health. I would like to share some of them with all of you in hopes (as always) that my experience may help just one other person.

  1. After I wrote my last post explaining that I was suffering from my first major depression in over 10 years and I would be taking a break, the response was unbelievable. Through comments on the blog and Facebook page, comments and shares on Twitter, a couple of post shares, emails and Facebook Messages I received so much encouragement. I was truly blessed and amazed.
  2. I have always known I have an awesome husband; however, through all of this I have found out how really awesome he is. He had vacation time last week and even though he wasn’t feeling the greatest either, he did everything he could to help me feel better. Walking the dog, taking me for something to eat so I didn’t have to cook, doing things around the house that have been bothering me. This included picking up a bookshelf from his brother’s place so that I can finally work on getting the office the way we want it.
  3. I am a lot stronger emotionally than I thought. Even though I am in a depression, I have been able to function a lot more than in previous times. Also, I am aware of the fact that it is depression, which you are not always able to do when you are in the middle of it. While the waves of darkness still hit without warning, I can say “I am sad (or mad)”, get a hug and work my way out of it.
  4. I am learning that depression doesn’t have to totally cripple you. Even with my Hubby’s help, I have kept up with some of the chores. In fact, I believe it is because he was helping and encouraging me that I was able to start doing things for myself.
  5. Depression also does need attention at times as well and I found the right balance in curling up under the covers and sleeping part of the day and making sure the fur-kids and Hubby are decently fed.
  6. I have also learned that when all else fails I have my faith to cling onto. And I know that this is not a punishment, but (as this post is about) a series of lessons to help me grow stronger.
  7. Finally, I am learning not to push myself. I just went to the dog park and met two friends. We talked and the dogs played until I just knew it was time for me to leave. Miley was fine with it because there were getting to be too many dogs for her. Hmm, maybe she is a little depressed too? Nah, not possible!



18 Replies to “What My Current Depression is Teaching Me”

  1. Yes! It makes a huge difference in our lives who is with us! There have been times in my own life when I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the light of day again or even want to, the people around me on the daily were exhausting and draining.
    I’m happy you have help and outlets. ❤

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  2. Well said! We go through many ups-and-downs in life, and it can feel very encouraging when we figure out what actually works. I graduated college last year and find that, looking back at freshman year, there was so much stress in those younger versions of me and my friends. Perhaps more so that some others our age since I suffered from PTSD and had a habit of finding friends who had similar mental health issues. Sometimes I stop and look at our current lives and think to myself: “I am so proud of everyone, including myself, for how far we have come and how we have learned to cope.”

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