April Linkup Party with “A Chronic Voice”

Sheryl, from “A Chronic Voice” gives five prompts each month and invites bloggers to comment on all or some of them. This month’s prompts are Marveling, Splurging, Continuing, Balancing & Investing. I will do my best to do them justice.


I marvel every day at the positive changes that have occurred in my life since we moved. I am constantly looking out at the park across the street and beyond it to the mountains in the distance. It is so peaceful not only out there but our place is so bright and comfortable. While I don’t have any more stamina or less pain than I did a year ago, I seem to get more done or accept more easily what I can’t do. And being able to have family over because there are only five minutes away is priceless.


Splurging doesn’t have to be about money but in this case, it is. Money has always been a hard thing for me to deal with – that is a common trait with bipolar disorder. I have finally come to terms with this and mainly let my husband make the decisions about purchases. However, I will be hopefully getting my income tax back in the next month or so and I need new dresses for the spring and summer. So, I bought some and they should be here in a week. Hubby is also helping me get a wall planter for my herbs on the balcony and a fitness watch so I can monitor how much exercise I am getting in the dog park and short walks with Miley, as well as just around the suite.


I am continuing to try and watch what I eat, how much exercise I am getting (the new watch should arrive tomorrow) and am trying to take better care of myself. I am doing much better with my bingeing disorder and often find I really don’t want the things I used to stuff myself with. I can eat just a few potato chips at a time, I do still have chocolate cravings but I can satisfy them with something very little.


This is an easy one. The life of anyone with chronic illness is a balancing act every day. We had family over for dinner Saturday and I have been dealing with a couple of different pain flares. My care worker was here in the morning and not only got the house ready for me but prepped the scalloped potatoes for me while I rested. Everything else in the meal was quite easy. However, after they left I looked at the kitchen and as hard as it was I left the dishes. It took me all day to get two loads through the dishwasher and there are still a few soaking for today. And the fact I have been up most of the night with pain and a cough means they won’t get done first thing!


Like splurging, investing doesn’t have to be about money. One of the things I would consider a good investment is people. The Lord has always put someone in my life to mentor, teach or just come alongside for support. The latest is my young care worker who we actually met 10 years ago at a camp we all cooked at. The investment isn’t about paying for good help. She seems happy here, even though the work isn’t the greatest, and is opening up to me about things on her mind. I love being able to use my own experiences to help others.

Well, there you have it. I was finally able to complete the April prompts… and it is only the fourth of the month! Hope you enjoy this and if so, please check out the other posts on the subject at April 2018 Linkup Party with A Chronic Voice.



15 Replies to “April Linkup Party with “A Chronic Voice””

  1. Thanks for participating this month Lydia, so good to read your responses! 🙂 I’m jealous that you have a mountainous view! Haha. I love the mountains, but it’s all flat city here. And having family close by is definitely priceless.

    Let me guess…your spring dresses will be…purple? 😉 In any case, some new clothes makes any girl happy so that’s a good thing 😉

    And well done on participating in April’s linkup on only day 4!! 😉 I really enjoyed reading them, and hope your cough subsides soon xx

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  2. Well said Mz. Lydia. I enjoy reading as I try to learn something new from everything I read. I have a writer’s notebook 📓 that I keep with new words, fun things I read, and of course all the new tidbits I learn from reading. Blessings on your day 🙏🏻

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  3. Sounds like you are learning to pace yourself. It’s so important and freeing too! The art of mentoring is so productive in a person’s life and I think the giver receives just as much as the receiver. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Lydia! I finally got my link up posted too. Your new place sounds amazing. I am happy that you have family close by and have had so much improvement too. I had a similar experience when I moved last year. Doing much better now, though I know that my ketogenic way of eating had much to do with it too.

    I’m glad to hear you have such a good relationship with your carer. I think it makes a huge difference if you can establish a bond like that.

    I have a Fitbit which I use to measure my steps and heart rate to stay within my limits. It helps with pacing and keeping track of things I think. Which fitness tracker did you get? I’d love to know how you get on with it.

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    1. Thanks, Char for your comments and encouragement. I will for sure read your link-up post today.

      I got a fit-bit “knockoff” by Nevete. It is good because it just does what I need it too. I also have to watch my heart rate and it measures it on its own or while in activities such as a timed walk, running or using a bike. I have a stationary bike and love the tracker because it keeps me on track for time, heart rate and Kcals. I am finding I am able to pace myself my better with the tracker.


  5. Hi Lydia! I’m late to the April party, but at least I’ve arrived! I’m here visiting through A Chronic Voice and it’s great to meet new friends who understand what I’m living through. I loved how you wrote about each prompt. This is my first time joining this link-up party and I’m realizing that my post is a little different than others. I wrote specifically about using art for art therapy for chronic pain and chronic illness, then used the prompts at the bottom of the article.

    I hope those positive changes keep coming for you! Spoons for you!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! April was my first prompt party but I hope it won’t be my last. I look forward to reading yours and don’t worry about doing it differently. There are no rights or wrongs! 🙂


  6. Hi Lydia, It was great to read your responses. I am happy that you are continuing to take care of yourself, and are balancing the things in your life as best as you can. Thank you for bringing up the idea that splurging and investing don’t have to be about money. I think too often I fall in the trap of money being at the forefront of my thought because I am a poor graduate student. I definitely think it is important to invest in the people around us and show them that we care about them.

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, money, as they say, can be the root of all evil – or at least a real temptation. And it gets worse when we don’t have what we need. I was the poor student as well.


  7. Hi Lydia, I’m stopping to say hello via Sheryl’s April Prompts (my own responses might not get posted due to technical issues, but I enjoyed reading yours so wanted to comment). I think it’s wonderful that you are living in such a beautiful place and are close to family. I imagine those two factors alone can contribute to a sense of well-being. Ah, the family dinners and the aftermath. I can relate! As for the splurging, I learned how it’s possible to contribute to our overall health by bringing enjoyment into the everyday moments! and finally, your point about investing in people: Yes! Thanks for sharing!

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