Song Lyric Sunday 04/15/18 – “Stay”

The theme for this week is “Stay” and I remember hearing this song done by Zedd and Alessia Cara recently. It is about a relationship; however, it is also about time itself and wanting to stay in the moment. I love Alessia’s voice and style … and the fact that she is Canadian!

A fun fact about Alessia Cara’s journey as a performer is that this year she was the first Canadian EVER to win the Grammy for  “Best New Artist”. Three years ago she won the same category at our Juno awards!

She and Zedd were rehearsing a song for an awards show when they decided it would be good to record some music together. This is the song that came out of it and I think they were right.

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7 Replies to “Song Lyric Sunday 04/15/18 – “Stay””

  1. I actually love her voice. I can always tell it’s her whenever she is on the radio. However, I saw her perform live with Coldplay last year and she wasn’t all that great live. It was just too big of an arena for her style, in my opinion. I have known her ever since though. Her voice has a way of digging its way inside your brain. Great pick this week. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. I love her “staccato” style. It matches her voice perfectly. I haven’t seen her live but I can understand what you mean. Her petite size and musical style would get swallowed up in a large arena.

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