Song Lyric Sunday – Shilo

Yay, another chance to use a Neil Diamond song!

This week the theme for Song Lyric Sunday from Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time, is “dreams”.

Many more obvious songs went through my head like “Dream Weaver”, “Dream Lover”, and many more. But “Shilo” has a big importance in my life. The song is about an imaginary friend the child makes up because his dad, and others, don’t have time for him. Dreaming can take on a whole different meaning in the daytime – we can control what our daydreams are about. However, you can get lost in them much the same as night dreams.

For me, the writer inside me started growing from a very young age. I would make up stories and daydreams where I was always the main character and was always famous, beautiful and loved – three things I didn’t feel. The need to be famous wore off but the other two didn’t until maybe the last 10 years. I really had love in my life and beauty to some extent as well. I just couldn’t feel it so I had imaginary friends to give it to me.

Shilo was also the first Neil Diamond song I heard and fell in love with. I felt like he “got me” and that sexy deep voice wasn’t half bad either!

The video isn’t the greatest quality; however, it was the best one for this song.



Young child with dreams
Dream ev’ry dream on your own
When children play
Seems like you end up alone
Papa says he’d love to be with you
If he had the time
So you turn on the only friend you can find
There in your mind
Shilo, when I was young
I used to call you name
When no one else would come
Shilo, you always came
And we’d play
Young girl with fire
Something said she understood
I wanted to fly
She made me feel like I could
Held my hand out, and I let her take me
Blind as a child
All I saw was the way that she made me smile
She made me smile
Shilo, when I was young
I used to call you name
When no one else would come
Shilo, you always came
And you’d stay
Had a dream, and it filled me with wonder
She had other plans
“Got to go, and I know that you’ll understand”
I understand
Shilo, when I was young
I used to call you name
When no one else would come
Shilo, you always came
Come today
Songwriters: Neil Diamond
Shilo lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

15 Replies to “Song Lyric Sunday – Shilo”

    1. Can I ask why he will remind you of your Grandmother? Did she have a crush on him too? I saw him 9 times in concert and was trying to decide if I make this summer number 10 just to round things off but he cancelled the tour and retired from the road due to Parkinson’s. I am so sad to here he is going through this but think he is wise to stop touring. He said he will still write and record so that is a blessing.

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      1. Well, they all may have had crushes, but mine was true (if unrequited) love from the ripe old age of 8! I am still pretty hung up on him whenever I see him on TV. And Hubby is okay with that … he has a sexy deep voice too!

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  1. Love Neil Diamond. We’ve seen him twice in concert and the last time was right before he retired from touring. I could tell the difference. Great song. Visiting from the #SLS gang.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I will have to check out your entry. I am slowly making my way down the list of fine lyric choices! I saw Neil 9 times and hoped to make it 10 this summer; however, as you know, the tour is cancelled.

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