I Met An Angel In The ER

I totally believe in God Moments and Thursday was a big one.

I have been battling a chest cough for about 10 days and was getting more and more run down. On Thursday I couldn’t breathe and all I wanted to do was sleep. My awesome Hubby came home early from work to take me to the hospital as the clinics were all closed and our doctor is too far away.

We got there around 5 pm and as usual, the waiting room was full. After I went through the triage and registration process I was called in for X-rays, lab work, and ECG. Then there was the several hour wait to get into the acute ward. There I was guided to a recliner in a cubical. There were two chairs and in the other was a lady I had seen in the waiting room. We were the only two patients with masks on – mine was because I have a cough and hers was due to a low immune system (which I also have). Essentially, it was to protect her from people like me LOL!

Both of our husbands were there with us and we quickly dispatched them home to get dinner and some sleep as at this point they were going to work the next day. This was about 8:00.

The lady and I started talking I don’t remember how the conversation started but it was absolutely astounding where it went. I will call her Angel because she really is one. I honestly think that my going to the hospital wasn’t really about my illness but about God wanting to get the two of us together.

Anyway, in the next 5 1/2 hours, Angel and I found out we have way too many similarities in our lives.

  • We both have autoimmune diseases and other chronic problems
  • Our husbands are the second for both of us and these marriages are both 17 years old. Both first husbands were abusive.
  • Like me, Angel is a writer (I have downloaded her first book and she is going to read my blog).
  • It came out midway through our time together that we are both Christians and really believe in God being the author of our lives.
  • We had similar childhoods where our parents only seemed to see our negative sides and made us feel guilty and unworthy.
  • For many years we both felt we needed to prove ourselves and have finally learned to love ourselves and the lives we have.
  • We are close in age.

There is probably more but that gives you a pretty good idea.

I can not tell you how healing it was to find someone who completely got me because she understood. And I think the same goes the other way.

Finally, each of our results came back. She would have to stay overnight to get some other tests in the morning. I have pneumonia and was sent home with antibiotics and that’s about it.

Angel and I vowed to keep in touch. I have had other similar experiences and you forget about the other person but I really don’t think that will happen here. I have been praying for her and her health since I walked out of the hospital and I feel her prayers on me.

There is a whole other story about my antibiotic but I will save it for another time. I want this to just be about the Angel God sent to show me that my life is good and the past is the past.

I leave you with Sarah McLachlin’s “Angel”





25 Replies to “I Met An Angel In The ER”

    1. It is one of my favourites as well. I am on the mend but it will take a few days. I waited way too long to get checked out – I had been feeling this way for 10 days!


      1. No, I think it is just a God thing. I “met” my husband 6 times before I saw him as a possible mate – and even then we worked together for several years first! It was definitely God!

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