Project Smile Revisited

It has been a long time since I have written in this series. This is partly, or even mostly, because there wasn’t much to tell.

I disagreed intensely with my wonderful dentist about partial plates vs. full dentures. He wanted the former and I the latter and neither side was giving in. I was so stubborn that I consulted two other dentists (who both said the same thing as mine) and called a denturist who said they would gladly help but I needed to find a dentist to pull the teeth. Plus the cost was way through the roof in comparison to the reconstruction and plates because my plan would cover more that way than for the full plates.

To recap what was going on, I have several teeth missing top and bottom and I had two teeth on the right bottom that were falling apart and needed crowns. This left me with only one set of two teeth on one side of my mouth that I could chew with. Also, the work that needed to be done was extensive and every hour I am in that dentist chair I need several to make up for it. I take extra pain medication before and after the appointment and that isn’t even for the dental work!

In the end, I just needed something done so hubby and I agreed that in spite of the financial and health factors, we would go ahead with the crowns and partials.

Two weeks ago I sat in the chair for four hours (with needed breaks as they try to take my conditions into consideration) and had the prep work done for the two crowns on the broken teeth and for the partial plate. Since then I have been living off of soup, ice cream birthday cake, fresh berry salad, and other soft foods.

Yesterday I went back and got the permanent crowns and the impressions for my partial. In two weeks I go back for the first fitting of my lower partial plate. Even though our dental plan is now maxed for the year, we have decided to go ahead with the partial this year because all the prep is ready and I can get used to it before we start in January on my upper teeth. There are crowns and a partial needed there as well.

When I look in the mirror and smile, I see the two holes, one on each side on the bottom. That is all going to change sooner than later as “Project Smile” gets to the end of another chapter.





6 Replies to “Project Smile Revisited”

  1. You have my sympathy. Dentistry is just not fun. I went today to the periodontist ( I don’t think the hygienists at my regular dentist do a good enough job and I am determined to keep my teeth as best I can) and my mouth is feeling thoroughly worked over.And a cleaning is nothing compared to the work you are having done. But good for you for going for it!!

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    1. Thanks, Anne. A cleaning (especially the deep ones you get from the periodontist) is no fun. I feel for you as well. I had almost 10 years with the original railroad track braces and that, combined with genetics, gave me horrible teeth. But I am in the end glad I am keeping at least some of my original teeth.

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  2. I hate the dentist, they are never fun. Well done for getting through such a long appointment though (and I hope the rest aren’t as long). It will all be worth it in the end. I just wish dentists could be abit more enjoyable. 🙂 And I love the photo, the doggy’s smile made me smile. 🙂 xxx

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