AnxEYEty Part 2 – I Can See For Miles

Tuesday marked my second cataract surgery, this time on the left eye. This time I wasn’t anxious about the procedure. I could go through the whole thing in my head and not spark one bit of stress.

However, when the hospital called with my time a new dread flowed through my nerves. I was once again the last surgery and the fear of being bumped (which almost happened the first time) was very real. A woman came in after me but it turned out she was late and I was early and they already had our charts on our chairs so we were taken in the order we were booked.

Even when I knew there was no chance of being canceled I was still a bundle of nerves. The prep nurse asked if I would like something to calm me and while I absolutely hate taking it, I gladly accepted the Ativan she brought me. And it did work. It also helped me get some much-needed sleep for the rest of the day when we got home.

The actual surgery seemed to go quicker than the first one but I think that was partly to do with the Ativan and partly because I knew what to expect. And the Dr. got to say to me once again, “you are our favorite patient of the day – the last one!” A silly little joke but I laughed both times!

Yesterday I laid low, as I was still tired and my eyes were still adjusting to the light and all those darned eyedrops! I have another 5 weeks to go but then I should be done with them. I went to the dog park with Hubby and Miley for a few minutes to say hi to our friends, but that was about all I did all day. We took our brother and niece out for dinner for his birthday and so I wouldn’t have to cook.

Today, things started to get back to normal with Hubby going back to work and me taking Miley out a few times. What I noticed was that things five feet in front of me and further were amazingly clear! And I could read things I sometimes had trouble seeing with my glasses! Now things that are close up are a blur, but in a few weeks, I will see my optometrist for a  new prescription.

In the meantime, I am using dollar store reading glasses. Much cheaper than the $500 Nikon lenses in $300 frames I  got a few years ago!

As for the anxiety, I think this whole experience has helped me in that respect. I am my own worst enemy when I let fear get the best of me. I don’t want to have to keep taking an Ativan to get me through something that is really nothing to worry about.

I leave you with a little ditty by The Who.


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