Monthly Link-Up Party With A Chronic Voice

I keep starting Sheryl Chan’s (A Chronic Voice) prompts each month and all of a sudden it is the next month! I have finally been able to beat the calendar on this set.


Here it is the third month of the year and I haven’t gotten very far with “Project Organize”, my word for 2019. It seems that every step forward I make ends up with more stuff stacked up to go places but never seems to leave.

Okay, there is the fact that during this time I have had two cataract surgeries, 6 weeks apart. Not to mention 5 weeks of drops after each surgery (I had four days off between). I can see better but I can’t drive and we have decided to give up TV for a while so I am glad the weather has been nice as Miley and I go hang out in the dog park. One of the drops (the one I have to take the most of ) is Prednisolone. It is in the Prednisone family and I checked to find out that it can have some of the side-effects of Prednisone in throwing emotions and moods into a tail-spin, especially if the patient is already prone to this as I am. We see the doctor tomorrow and I am going to ask if I can take something else or drop it now because I can’t go through these moods and emotions for another 5 weeks. Hubby is going with me as I am having problems thinking or talking about it.


I am definitely learning to sell myself as a writer/proofreader/reviewer/editor and not selling myself short. What I mean by that is I have been dealing with a guy I met through the dog park. He has a brain injury and wrote a book about living with one that he wanted me to edit. It is actually very good and just needs some tweaking here and there. The only matter was a question of payment. He first said if I did it now he could pay me in January (basically 10 months). I said no, I would need at least a deposit now. I also lowered my price for him as I knew, like me, he is on disability.  He all of a sudden said he could pay 2/3’s of it if I could drive him to the bank. At first, I said yes but I was not in a place where I could think or talk very well. Once I got in the car with Hubby I realized that I am not allowed to drive. I contacted the guy and told him but he said he “must be insistent” that I drive him one day this week. Well, there were other factors as well that I don’t need to report here, but that word insistent really got me. If I were to have an accident, no matter who was at fault I would be charged because I legally can’t drive. He wasn’t happy but what is done is done.

So I feel like I finally succeeded in not being a doormat!


I mentioned earlier that my Hubby and I are taking a break from TV. This is a lot harder for me than for him. For one thing, I need to hear voices or music or something when I am alone. He works until 9:30 and is rarely home before 10 pm. I can be okay with listening to the radio or Amazon music on our Echo Dot if  I am busy with something like cooking, crocheting or other crafts. Also if I am in an anxiety attack having the TV to focus on takes my mind off it (sometimes).

We are also trying to eat out less, not play computer games (again this one is me), and refrain from online purchases. We are doing this until April 21st (the period of Lent and Easter) as a time of reflection and self-improvement.


Decide is a big word. You can decide anything from eating an apple to running for President or Prime Minister. I eat an apple every day and I have no desire to run for any office. However, I did have a momentary thought of running for Parks Board in our City but I was too late for the last election and the next one is in 3 1/2 years. It was a fleeting moment and passed very quickly.

So, what decisions have I had lately? Currently Hubby and I are trying to decide if we stay where we are or move further out into the Fraser Valley (of BC Canada) where we could get a single family dwelling where our cat and dog (Monkey and Miley respectively) aren’t stuck up on a third-floor balcony. We love where we are and the people who have come to be friends and like family. Plus we have family close by. Hubby would have an hour commute each way.

So what is the draw? Our own four walls and we have wanted to live out in the country for a long time. Life is slower there and peaceful.


The one area that is thriving in my life is my marriage. It has taken many years and a lot of work to get here and there were times we were both ready to give up; however when it seemed we were near the end we have always drawn on our faith and friendship and that has always pulled us through.

My husband has his own chronic issues, mostly revolving around his thyroid and food intolerances. This can make him as chronically fatigued as I am. But he works hard as the driver of an accessibility bus then comes home to help me. In turn, I use the strengths I have to make his meals (at home and for work), do what little I can around the house and just be there for him.

We were told many years ago that many couples try to get what they want out of their partner and when they don’t they become bitter. This was us for the first half of our 18 years as husband and wife. The other side of the equation is to find out what the other one needs and try to give it to them. Once they notice this, they will probably start giving you what you need. You will both find out that these needs are really what you wanted all along.

I really enjoyed these prompts this month. They were very easy to write.



2 Replies to “Monthly Link-Up Party With A Chronic Voice”

  1. Hi, Lydia! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this month’s prompts. I always wanted to live in the country. After moving there years ago, I found it to be isolated. My closest neighbors were a good walk up the lane to get to. Everywhere I wanted to go was at least a 30 minute drive, and often more like an hour away. Finding good health care was difficult. I missed my old friends who were now 2 hours away. Now I live in a small town, but it’s close enough to a big city that it’s a lot easier to find whatever I need. Just my thoughts. Moving is such a huge decision and process.

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    1. Thank you, Kathy, for your thoughts. I always appreciate them. In this case, we would be in a trailer park between a lake and a small city. It is a 10 minute drive to the city center and 15 – 20 minutes to a major hospital.We already know several people that live there and more in the next community over. The lake is a big draw for both hubby and I because we spent summers there while growing up. It isn’t perfect, and we love where we are; however it is the closes place where we can afford to own an area where Miley and Monkey have some freedom in their own yard. The good thing is that we hoped to move up near our sister when hubby retires and this way we own the mobile home and can have it moved to a pad or our own land when we are ready.


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