Project Smile – The Final Countdown!

I haven’t reported on my dental journey since last October. At that time I was getting the final crowns on the bottom and my bottom partial plate. Once this was all done, I had two sets of molars on one side of my mouth to chew with – twice as much as before!

Then another snag happened. The new dental plan that came with the changing of management companies at Hubby’s work refused to pay for my partial plates because the teeth weren’t pulled on their plan. They were supposed to honour anything from the previous plan; however, there was no documentation to back this up.

Well, fast forward to about a month ago and we decided to go ahead because I just needed to get all this dental stuff behind me and work on other health and life issues. So, I endured one more 2-hour-plus session in the dental chair to prep for my final upper crown. At the end of it, I was elated because that is probably the last major drilling I will ever need. My back teeth are root canalled and/or crowned, or fake. My front teeth have never been a huge issue so they should be okay.

2 weeks ago I got the permanent crown and they took all the impressions for my upper plate. Tomorrow morning I go to get that plate fitted. It will be the first time since my teens that I have a full mouthful of teeth and I can’t wait!

Yes, I did say that I wanted them all out and went to three dentists trying to talk just one of them into doing it. But I am glad I went this route. I do know people who have dentures and love them, but others have had nothing but problems.

When you have a chronic illness of any kind, it is rare that you get to close a chapter. I got to close a couple this summer…and add a few new ones, but that is for future posts!


PS  I may report back on how it is going with my new teeth, but that will be after I have sunk them into a nice steak with all the trimmings!



4 Replies to “Project Smile – The Final Countdown!”

    1. Thanks, Felicia. Thanks to genetics and a nasty accident when going head first down a slide at 6 (damaging teeth, gums and jaw), my teeth have just fall apart. I was missing 5 and have now had every molar left and a few front teeth all crowned. I hope they can fix your problems – nothing worse than mouth/teeth issues is there?


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