Project Smile – The Reveal

So finally, Lydia has her new smile!

Getting my upper partial plate took a little longer than I thought. When I went for the last fitting they realized they forgot a tooth so it had to go back to the lab. That took a week and then another “final” fitting. That left another week to put in the real teeth and acrylic “gums”.

Last Wednesday I went to pick it up. It took a little while to get the bite right and then I was off with a full set of teeth for the first time since my teens. It felt amazing! Since then I have found that one side isn’t sitting just right so food gets underneath and there are certain things that are hard to eat (lettuce of all things is the worst).

I go back this Thursday but it will just probably be a quick fix. Other than that I couldn’t be happier. Some of you wanted pictures so I have obliged. I haven’t had a natural smile that I can remember but I think this comes close.

So this finally closes out project smile. All I really need to do now is go for regular cleanings and that’s about it. My dentist will miss me!



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