The Post Before The Post

I have been struggling with my blog for over 6 months now and went totally dark last October after what was supposedly great news. I won’t get into that now as the next post tells all about it.

I just wanted to mention that the blog is going to take a few turns here. I am still going to tell my story in hopes of making even one person’s life a little better by example.

In doing this, I will be telling good and bad. I just wanted to mention that if my topic in any post brings up tough stuff, I am not necessarily in a bad way. In fact, I find that everything I am going through, good or bad, always (yes, not usually but always) comes out for the greater good.

So please don’t worry or feel bad. What I would really like is if something I said hit home for you (good or bad), tell me either in a comment on the post or privately on my comments page. I will definitely reply and will be rooting for you. I am not a professional so I will never give advice. Hopefully, my story helps you.


PS, my first real post will come in a few hours!


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