2021 Word Of The Year

I had hoped to get this out closer to the first of the year; however, getting it out at all is a significant success for me, considering how long it has been since I last posted!

For several years now, I have been choosing a word to represent the year ahead. Past choices have been Vibrant, Limitless, Strong, etc. I didn’t pick one for last year, which in hindsight is probably for the best. LOL!

Anyway, without further adieu, my word for 2021 is,


There are so many reasons that this is a perfect choice:

  • A definition of renewal is “an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption.” The interruption here is 2020.
  • It fits with the “new normal” we are all dealing with, thanks to Covid-19. The new normal is a renewal of the old. For me, one example is that I have spent much of my isolation rearranging our home and clearing out many things that are not being used by us and may be helpful to others. My kitchen is finally getting to a point where I love working in it.
  • Speaking of the kitchen, I have renewed my love of baking and cooking. If I am down or anxious, we end up with banana bread or chocolate chocolate chip cookies. All are gluten-free and vegan, of course, because it fits with all of our food intolerances.
  • A recent mental health crisis helped me renew my faith.
  • I am hoping that this is a renewal of my writing – both here and my book
  • I intend this year to renew some friendships that got put on hold during 2020.

Basically I look at it as returning to the norm but in a new way.

We don’t know when or if things will be like they were. While there are groups of people who don’t believe in the pandemic and just want to carry on with the old ways, it really isn’t likey to happen.

How long will we have to wear masks?

Will 2 meters/6 feet social distancing become a way of life?

Can we see a time when we can go into a café or restaurant or bar and mingle with friends?

Will working from home become the norm once the pandemic is over?

The list of questions could go on forever. But I am sure you get the idea.

We need to renew our attitudes that things will continue to change – in some ways for better and some for worse. For example, if you got sick pre-covid you took some cold pills and went to work. Now, they encourage you to stay home.

Personally, I look forward to seeing how 2021 plays out.


Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash


14 Replies to “2021 Word Of The Year”

  1. My word for last year was celebrate which was wonderful. This year it is Gold with a strong underline of Shalom.
    I celebrate your renewal.


  2. Renewal is a perfect word for 2021, and you explained it beautifully!

    I don’t normally choose a word of the year, though I have an extensive goal-planning process I go through each January. This year, however, I chose Focus because it’s what I most need! Lack of focus is always a challenge for me, and I really hit bottom last year, trying to do too many things at once and spending WAY too much time scrolling through social media! Along with the word, I made my objectives more specific and adopted some new habits to help me focus better each day on one priority. So far, it’s working!

    Here’s to a healthy and happy 2021!


    Live with ME/CFS

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