Chronic Compromises – To Cook or Not To Cook

I have started a new chapter in my journey of chronic illness today. It is one that I never expected but I am doing my best to accept. I just received my first batch of meals from an organization that puts together full cooked meals for those who need help. If you know me or …


Reblog – I’m Good….My Body, Not So Much

This is a very real and honest account of what chronic illness can do to a person. No matter the severity of our conditions, I think we all tend to “put on a happy face/voice” when asked how we are doing. I applaud Sam for putting it into words.


My Medical Musings

As a little girl, around the age of 5 or 6, my parents taught me how to answer our home phone.

I can still remember my answering script to this day. I would eagerly rush to the ringing phone and in my brightest, best grown up voice possible,  I would say:

” Hello, 1234567, can I help you?”

The caller inevitably asked:

” Is your Mum or Dad there?

My scripted response was:

” Yes, I’ll just get them, can I please ask who’s calling?”

My decorum and professionalism, at that young age, then departed as I ran excitedly through the house shouting:

” Mum, Dad, phone call…Mr/Mrs xx is on the phone”

Oh well, I’m sure the caller had a good chuckle.

The Professional Approach

That phone answering training as a little girl, really paved the way for how I would communicate in adult life.

In my business career…

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April Linkup Party with “A Chronic Voice”

Sheryl, from "A Chronic Voice" gives five prompts each month and invites bloggers to comment on all or some of them. This month's prompts are Marveling, Splurging, Continuing, Balancing & Investing. I will do my best to do them justice. Marveling I marvel every day at the positive changes that have occurred in my life since we …