Life’s Little Perplexities # 375 – by Moongazer

Sometimes you just need these little gems of information to brighten up your day!

Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain

Speaking of marshmallows…….why is it that the white ones always melt into your hot chocolate faster than the pink ones? O_o

I have noticed this, and I find it perplexing. I alsso find myself a little strange at having noticed it enough to ponder about it LOL

I reckon there’s some kind of scientific explanation for it. I might have to ask the great god google so I can add the info into my enormous store of totally useless information that my brain likes to carry around 😀

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I Can’t Eat Just One

No, this is not really another post about food but rather about my obsession with it.  My post on the cake I decorated brought to the forefront a battle I have been fighting all my life. I was a teenager about the time that anorexia and bulimia were just being discovered as serious problems, mostly for teenage …