Song Lyric Sunday – Classic Neil Diamond

Helen Vahdati at This Thing Called Life One Day At A Time made me very happy today when I read this week's theme for Song Lyric Sunday. The theme is "drink". Now I am not a drinker myself but I love me some great drinking songs and I can't wait to see what other people …

Reblog – O like OMG… A to Z Challenge

My dear friend Cyranny, Denmarks greatest fan, finally got the recognition she so deserves!


Cyranny's Cove


OMG indeed!

I hope you Lovelies are sitting down, because this is big! No, I’m just exagerating again, you’ll smile at best, but this morning, as I woke up, something exciting awaited me…

Really exciting! For me…

Denmark likes me! Well, not me, per say, but Denmark liked something I said on the Internets! For real. No jokes. You people know I never kid about Denmark!

Remember four days ago when I published the post about this guy who wrote to Denmark to ask to borrow Greenland?  You can catch up here. Well, of course I commented back to the friend who had tagged me on Facebook.

The exact message I wrote to her said

I am so jealous!! How come I didn’t get the idea to write directly to Denmark?? LOL This is very funny, and if it is true (I am very cautious about stories on The…

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