Bipolar – My “Hulk”

I happen to have been blessed with both physical AND mental chronic illnesses. While some people don’t see things like bipolar, depression, OCD, as chronic illness, or illness in general, they very much are. I have had so many people, including family, treat me like a leper or just call me crazy; however, I am …

Reblog – Running on Empty – Do Not Pass “Go”

This is such a great post from my friend, Sam. It is very timely for me and much of the reason I haven’t posted in a while.


My Medical Musings

We all have moments in life when we hit a brick wall physically and perhaps mentally. It happens to the healthy and chronically ill alike.

I remember in my “healthier” life, I’d get to the end of my working week and I’d be exhausted. It was a normal exhaustion. The kind where you just needed a long hot shower, good food, an early night curled up in bed with a relaxing book or watching a brain numbing movie. By the next morning the world would seem a much better place.

Bouncing back was always a given. There was never a question in my mind I would not improve with a little rest and recreation. The next day, some fresh air, a long walk or a good shopping expedition, which were all doable back then despite feeling tired, were wonderful recovery therapy options.

That Was Then, This Is Now

Fast forward…

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Mental Health – Words Can’t Bring Me Down

For Valentine's Day, my wonderful husband made me a playlist of "Beautiful" songs. It included various versions of "You Are So Beautiful", "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt and many others. The one that always sticks in my mind is "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. The line in the title is from that song. I have talked …