The Eiffel Tower

When we were house-hunting back in April, we noticed a fun fact. Several of the places had large murals of the Eiffel Tower on the wall. Others had smaller pictures of the French icon. We were laughing with the realtors that it must be a custom in our new city so we should be on …

Red Jade & Hearts – Irene Design

Just one of the beautiful designs from a wonderful artist. Irene has many unique pieces like this.


Handmade Silver Earrings with Red Jade & Heart by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Handmade Silver Hook Earrings with Red Jade & Heart

Would you like to wear these earrings? Please let me know, thank you 🙂

You can find these earrings here and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

Wish you a beautiful day


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