The Ache Of Triumph

Daily Prompt - Triumph It is often difficult to find reasons to cheer when dealing with any kind of chronic illness; however, that in itself is why you should! Dealing every day with something that does its best to try and hold you back is a huge triumph. I have been drawn to Alessia Cara's …


6 Ways to feel Beautiful during a flare

Being in a flare at the moment, this is such a touching and encouraging post! I recommend any Invisible Illness Warrior to check out Jenny’s blog.


Jenny Sinead

So as we all know, flares are NOT beautiful nor fun! I refer to them as a bit like Paris Hilton (soz Paris!)


So I have developed this handy guide to feeling beautiful, no matter how ugly your “Paris Hilton” is!



You will probably be in the same, position for the next while, so why not prepare your flare space beforehand to ensure that everything you will need to feel comfy and safe is there already. Our list of things for our flare space are:
1. A fully charged Laptop, for Netflix and flaring, or online shopping, or both!
2. A heat pad/rechargeable hot water bottle
3. Lots of liquids.  As much as I would love to be recommending lots of margaritas, we all know I’m talking about H2O, although a Margarita would be lovely!
4. Enough blankets, for when you are too cold.
5. A…

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I Choose Beautiful

Today a dear friend who always has wise and wonderful Facebook statuses, spoke about this video. As always, her words made me think. Even before I watched this, I thought about the subject matter and replied. "All my life I was thought of as "average" and made to feel that this wasn't good enough. I …