Tribute – Alan Thicke

I was watching the 5:00 pm news when it was announced that Alan Thicke had passed away today from a heart attack while playing hockey with his son. Alan Thicke was born in Canada and has ties here still. On December 3rd he was here in my province of British Columbia to accept the Icon …


Reblog – Viola Desmond

I was so pleased to find out that Viola Desmond was chosen as the first Canadian woman to have their picture on Canada's $10 bill. Her story is truly remarkable in Canadian history. This is a very good tribute. Lydia!

Happy Canada Day

Today is the 149th birthday of the country I call home. A good friend reminded me on her Facebook page some of the important things about this wonderful place and I thought I would make my own list. I was born and raised a Canadian by Canadian Parents My Dad's grandfather came from the US …

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