Blogmas 2016 – Peace Is Always Beautiful (Reblog)

I found this wonderful post by JoHanna Massey featuring the various cultural celebrations going on this time of year. Lydia! Peace Is Always Beautiful One of the joys and benefits of having has been interacting with people from around the globe, whose lives and interests are so varied, so interesting, and so vividly shared. For …

Blogmas 2106 – “So This is Christmas…”

Day 17

This is actually a reblog of my own post from last year. I decided to give myself a break from writing a new post. Also, it is amazing how true most of this is a year later.

We had our dinner with Hubby’s family last weekend, though this time it was a turkey dinner and only half the family were able to make it. But it was a really great time. I got to talk more one-on-one with people than when all 17 people are together.

Again, there are no exchanging of gifts in the family or between Hubby and I. I guess I could make those PJ pants that still haven’t been done LOL! I got some slippers that I badly needed and I told him to consider that my present! We are all about practical things.

I am doing advent on my own again but a big difference is that Hubby is off on Christmas Eve this year so we hopefully will make it to one of the services at our church.

And Christmas day may be spent with his parents – a quiet dinner at our place or if they can’t come we will just do our own thing.


Being Lydia!

It has been tough trying to come up with my next post. I have had a few starts but they fizzled out. It’s the usual reasons – pain, my never-ending winter cold, lack of sleep and energy, etc.

I think there is another reason as well. Yesterday marked one week until Christmas Day. It has often caused me a mild depression but this year is a totally different feeling.

We had our dinner with my Hubby’s family last weekend and all the adults decided no gift exchange this year, just gifts for the kids. This is a good thing on many accounts; however, it made the day more like just a big family dinner. Mom made her awesome rouladen, which we all love, but without a turkey it just made it more like a regular get-together.

Hubby and I are not exchanging gifts this year either. I bought some material to…

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Embracing Mother’s Day – Again!

Featured Image -- 3973I am reblogging my Mother’s Day post from last year because it still rings true this year. In some ways, I was dreading this day but after re-reading this post and the notes I have received from some of my “kids”, I am rejoicing once again in God’s decision for me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.


Being Lydia!

Mother’s Day has been the toughest day of the year for me for most of my adult life. I lost my Mom 20 years ago to cancer and she always said “If you can’t show your love 365 days a year, you don’t need to celebrate it one day made up by card companies and florists”. I always did celebrate it with her and I did show my love through-out the year or I at least tried to.

As I have mentioned many times, I was not able to have a child of my own and that hurt me for many years. How could God keep the one thing I wanted more than anything away from me? But He had good reasons. During my child-bearing years I was deep into my mental illnesses. My first husband was definitely NOT father material and to have a child connected to that marriage…

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