Reblog – Addiction Part 2 #addiction #Impulse #Debt #BuyItNow

Here’s the second half of A Tony of all Trades’ take on addictions.


A Tony Of All Trades

How do you handle people telling you what to do? Do you cave into peer pressure? Me… I don’t take people telling me what to do very well, I usually tell them where to go – politely. 😉

When it comes to peer pressure, I don’t usually listen, except to the commercials on tv, radio and that voice in my head. But that is the problem. Why do I listen to that voice in my head, when I would tell another person to get lost? Is it because I am talking to myself? Or am I?

I have never been big on talking about the devil, demons or spiritual attacks, but when it comes to addiction, I find it very helpful to externalize that voice inside. Pretend that the voice is not in your head, but a person who is talking to you. Why if that voice wasn’t in my…

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Crash and Burn

You know the old saying "which came first, the chicken or the egg?". Well I am not sure which came first - my pain or my depression. What I do know is I believe they are both related to stress. I have talked a lot here about being stronger than my mental illness. I actually …

Manic Money

I am feeling quite frustrated and ashamed this morning. There is a symptom of bipolar (the manic side), that can cause reckless spending. In the days when my illness was out of control, my shopping was as well. I would go through money like there was an unlimited supply. If I had it, I spent …

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