How A Funny Word Pair Just May Change My Life

Gamma Globulin. I saw my new respirologist on Thursday. To say that this woman is thorough wouldn't even come close to the truth. The first visit, she came down hard on me because she checked into my prescriptions and noted I had only renewed my inhalers once this year. This time was quite different. My …


Reblog – How Disney World switched to Original Sprout products that reduced Migraine triggers and headaches

Disney World took a bold and respectable step in making their park more friendly for people with scent allergies and product sensitivities! I may just have to try Original Sprout!



My Migraine Life

original sprout *This post contains affiliate links. My referrals are my own opinion. I only recommend things I truly love and use for myself and family. I was given products as a review. See disclaimer for more
Recently, I went to Disney World with my family. I love Disney World! My family, the adventures, the magic and the fun. It all was a dream come true.

After my last experience at the boutique that turns my daughter into a princess, I feared the hair spray smell. The last time we went, the lights were really bright. Beyond the lights was the smell. Oooooooooh the smell. I had started my day with a migraine. Standing in air that was saturated with strong hair spray made me really sick!

This time, I was prepared. I had my Axon Opticsin my purse and wore a scarf that I sprayed with my favorite essential oil…

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