Reblog – Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness, random or otherwise, go a long way to brighten anyone’s day, but in the case of people with chronic illness, they can be life changing.


My Medical Musings

Living with a Chronic Disease, can at times, feel isolating and an ongoing test of endurance. You never know what great mountain awaits you when you first open your eyes every morning.

That’s providing you were able to sleep in the first place of course, as pain and discomfort so often try to envelope you through the night.

I regularly write about how the small, joyful moments in life mean so much. The hot cup of mid morning coffee on the back deck, the birds singing, breakfast in bed brought to me by a loving husband every morning…… the list of little joys quickly add up, ensuring I have a bit of strength for the daily endurance test.

I’ve been contemplating lately how one of the most uplifting moments, especially to someone living with a chronic disease, is a simple “random act of kindness”.

It’s that unexpected moment, when often…

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Reblog – Something About People Doing Right

Some wise words from my blogging friend, T-Bird! (A bit of trivia, he and his wife have the same initials as my hubby and me, TB and LB! Oh, and we are all self-proclaimed Geeks!


The Tony Burgess Blog

Just because one is famous does not give them license to get away with things that demean or harm others. Powerful people have great opportunity to make life better for those around them but sometimes they act in such a way that discriminates and abuses. All sorts of people have paid the price for not doing the right things when they had the chance. We live in a world where affluence and influence can do great harm to the innocent among us. I ask what is so wrong with behaving like a grown up and being a force for good instead of wanting to get away with murder. If an every day person did some of the things we see in media they would be locked up immediately.

When it’s all said and done it takes everyday people to get the job done of being kind, considerate and encouraging us…

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