Screening Mammography – A Little Squeeze Goes A Long Way

Okay, this subject might be a little uncomfortable for my male readers but it shouldn't be. It is no different to a prostate exam. Both are a little uncomfortable but very important to keep us all healthy. Today was my annual appointment. I was supposed to go a few weeks ago but caught a cold …

Reblog – It Is Not Over Until You Win

This is such a true statement!

I remember one year in elementary school the only race I could win on field day was the slow bicycle race and the kids were laughing at me until a teacher said that this was the hardest to win because you had to go slow and not fall.


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Just Because I Took Longer Than Others, Doesn’t Mean I Have Failed #AlwaysRememberThat

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Olympic Memories

Watching the opening ceremonies of the Rio Summer Olympic Games is in many ways bittersweet. While my relationship with my Dad was a rocky one at best, the games were something we could enjoy together... even if we were apart! Eight years ago I was in the hospital having and recovering from a total knee …

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