Mental Illness and Toxic Relationships

One of the saddest side-effects of mental illness can be the loss of relationships. Sometimes it is the other person backing away, sometimes it is you having to make a choice between health and the relationship and other times it is a combination. During 2016 I have had to deal with a few losses and …

Reblog – Some Facts on Emotional Manipulators

I think we all come in contact with emotional manipulators, it is just whether or not we let them worm their way into our lives. And people with chronic illnesses can fall into manipulators’ traps very easily because we just need and want people in our lives. Our focus is dimmed by brain fogs, pain, fatigue, etc.


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Sandy Hook PSA

Note: I have revised item #3 after reviewing some of my research data, obtained from the Sandy Hook School website. I have decided to veer away from my Christmas blogging to share something I think every human being needs to see. For those of you who may not know, on December 12, 2012, a young man …