I showed both the ability and love for writing when I was very young. In fifth grade, we were supposed to write a story or poem about the weather. But that wasn’t creative enough for me. Instead, I wrote a one-act play about counting raindrops.

I had all the elements of a proper play, with the setting, prompts, and props, etc. I not only got an A, but my teacher had the class perform it at the school show at the end of the school year. Now it wasn’t Broadway material, but it was a hit with my school!

I studied writing and literature at University with a goal to be a journalist; however, I realized that I couldn’t be assertive or aggressive enough to ask the tough questions.

I went on to be a technical writer with our Provincial Government’s Trade Ministry and wrote a manual for an accounting program created by my then future husband. However, when my mental challenges took over in my 30’s I lost my ability to write anything outside of a journal documenting my ups and downs.

In the last five or so years as my health has improved and I have gained self-confidence my abilities and creativity have returned.

  • Proofing and/or editing of any copy, from a blog post to a manuscript and everything in between
  • Transcription from audio, video or written pages
  • Research and writing for most subjects, such as (but not limited to) food, health, music, and the arts
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Helping you set up your blog, write an about page, use tags and categories to your advantage, etc.

Pricing and time-frame are per job so please contact me for more information.

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