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It is funny that the word commit can conjure up fear in the hearts of many and soothe the soul of others at the same time.

  • Many people, both men and women, are afraid of committing to a relationship. This can be because of a previous “bad experience” or because they don’t feel they can handle the responsibilities that go along with it. I fell into both of those categories. I had very few boyfriends through my life and got married in my mid-thirties. I believe I was just lonely and someone seemed to care. It went wrong and it took five years to leave and three more to have the courage to get the divorce. I also had a horrible lack of self-worth. So when I fell in love for real, I told him I would never marry again. Two or three months after the divorce was final he proposed and I felt all self-doubt wash away. We married six months after that (but we had known each other in different capacities for ten years). It took a long time for me to let all my walls down but I am now, during almost 17 years of marriage, totally committed to my husband in every way possible.
  • One big issue I still have and I think will always be a work in progress is, committing to a task, job, favour, etc. and then getting stuck. Sometimes I lose interest, my health gets in the way, my short attention span goes in another direction, or I realize I never wanted to do it in the first place. I want to only commit to things I can do reasonably well and make sure I see them through.
  • Another perspective on the word “commit” is a verb that usually stands for negativity and finality – To commit (murder, treason, fraud, burglary, purgery). This is not a good form of the word at all.
  • “Being committed” takes on two totally opposite meanings.
    • The first is to be committed to the task – this goes along with the first two points above.
    • The second form of “being committed” deals with mental health – She was committed into the hospital for depression. I had several hospital stays regarding my mental illness; however, on only one occasion was I actually committed. In all the others I was there on my own free will trying to feel better. I did meet several people during my stays who were committed to the psychiatric hospital.

I could actually go on; however, I believe this is a good list of the many ways to use the word commit. Now I am committed to feed my fur-kids and take Violet for her after dinner walk.


PS, I want to leave you with a great cover of Julia Michael’s “Issues” by Stephanie Rice on “The Voice”.

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Reblog – My Bucket List

Like my friend, Izrael, I think we all need a bucket list. I hope you enjoy his list as much as I did. I have been thinking of starting my own list; however, there are a few things that my health won’t let me do so the number one thing on my list is to get stronger and healthier!


My Life As Izrael

Bucket List.

Definition: Some experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

As the description stated, a bucket list is when someone lists out their hopes that they would want to achieve before they are oblivion to the world. It is rather cliché that we, as humans, need to list out the things we want to achieve in this lifetime but as cliché as it is, it is a necessity. It is an obligation for us to pen it down as we often get lost in the business of life, a hectic schedule that at times we are required to do rather than want to do as this is the nature of living. Thus, with that mentioned, this is mine bucket list.

I want to list out all the things that I would hope to accomplish some day. List of experiences that I know…

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