The Heart of a Gymnast

Daily Prompt – Rhythmic

The first time I saw rhythmic gymnastics was during the 1984 Olympics in Las Angeles, where it was first introduced as an Olympic Sport. That year many of the Eastern European countries boycotted the games and Canada’s Lori Fung took the gold!

I was so glad that I could find a video of Lori’s ball routine because I remember how much it moved me at the time. How graceful and precise each movement was as if she and the ball were one.

Not being a very athletic person, I could only dream of having that talent. I think of all the sports we took at school, and all of those I have watched, any type of gymnastics is my favourite. I was okay on the balance beam but have never had much upper body strength for things like the uneven bars!

I have always said that the Lord must have had a bad day when he gave me the heart of a singer, mother, and gymnast and not the ability to be any of those.

However, we all know that He knows best.

The heart of a mother has helped me be there for so many who just needed someone to care for them.

The heart of a singer helped me to find comfort in a song when nothing or no one else could get through my emotional and physical pain.

And the heart of a gymnast has given me the strength and grace to deal with all of life’s challenges.


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Pink Shirt Day – Stop the Bullying

Wednesday, February 22, 2017, is Pink Shirt Day in Canada. It is the day that we wear pink and promise that we will all do our part to stop bullying.

Like with Bell Let’s Talk Day in January, Pink Shirt Day is sponsored by the media (Shaw) who are donating $1 for every #PinkShirtPromise on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You can check out the details at Shaw #Pink Shirt Day.

I was bullied all of my life. It didn’t matter where I lived, where I went to school, who I was friends with, the bullying followed me. I was told not to let them know that I was scared or sad, just walk away. That didn’t seem to work and I just held it all in and didn’t tell anyone.It began to feel like the bullies had to be right – I was ugly, fat, stupid, a dog…

Because of this, I allowed for the bullying to enter into relationships – family, romantic, work, everything including my first marriage.

I no longer allow anyone to bully me and I try to help young women feel good enough in their own skin that they will not be bullied either.

So, wherever you live, I ask that you make a #PinkShirtPromise and help defeat bullying.


In case you are wondering, I have changed the background, in honour of Pink Shirt Day. By Thursday it will be purple again!

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