Surviving Isolation

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
Theodore Roosevelt

We just passed the one year anniversary of the first person diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus here on Canada’s West Coast. While it was a few more weeks before my medical team “encouraged” me to isolate, It feels like at least a year or even two.

So, what do you do when you are stuck in a 1,100 sq. ft. condo and only get out for occasional dog walks and clandestine car trips to local drive-thrus?

I made the best of it by sorting through boxes that have been unopened in the three years since we moved – and finding things I had almost given up on! This process has spanned the entire year due to the extent of the project and my health. It has also led to other tasks.

  • We ordered (online) some items to make our kitchen function better. These included a bookshelf with doors to act as a pantry and two stainless steel tables to act as an island and workstation. While the kitchen still needs work, I can already feel the difference!
  • We also ordered a new bed. This one is a platform bed with drawers underneath as we have very little storage. The memory foam topper and firm mattress are somewhat helping my back.
  • I expanded my craft library with diamond painting, quilling, and wood burning supplies.
  • I revived my love of cooking and am trying to adapt old favourites to our current food intolerances. There have been flops and successes.
  • I gained a love/hate relationship with our online grocery service. They would short half the order. We would go into the store immediately after pick-up to find at least half of the missing items!
  • We have probably watched more first-run movies in these months than we ever did when theatres were open. This made good use of what we have – a TV and a few streaming subscriptions.

I also have even more respect and appreciation for my dear sweet husband. He has been off work for most of the time I have been in isolation and is responsible for all errands, most of Miley’s walks, and taking me to appointments.

To fill his time, Hubby picked up my writing bug and is working on his first novel! I am so very proud of him and his natural talent. He asked me to be his editor (something I haven’t done in several years), and I am honoured. We spend evenings away from the TV reading and discuss his progress.

My Hubby is also very much in tune with my needs. Every time he goes out (even to walk Miley), he asks if I need something before he goes. Most of the time it is no; however, it is always lovely to hear. We are talking more as well, whether it is about things on our minds or just what’s happening with the world.

And that is how I have been getting through the Covid-19 pandemic.


Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash


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