Self-Care: “Stand By Me”

Lately, I have had more lightheadedness and vertigo. As a result, I have been more prone to falls and unsure of my sitting, standing, and walking. While an overall diagnosis and treatment are needed, I have found some support in (for me) a surprising source.

There have been endless commercials for something called a “Hurrycane.” It is a basic folding cane with a pivoting three-leg base. The clincher for me is it comes in four colours, including PURPLE!

To know why this is a surprising source for me, I need to go back to when my orthopedic surgeon said that it might be an idea for me to use a cane full-time. While my knee replacement surgery went very well, my leg was still stiff, and I was not steady. I knew he was right, but I cried most of the way home until my Hubby stopped at a drugstore selling canes. He told me to pick out one that made me feel better about using it. Of course, I picked the purple cane with butterflies all over it. It made me feel in control instead of reliant.

Zoom forward until about a year ago; my GP suggested I use two canes when out for walks. I was having more vertigo events and falling more often. So, my awesome Hubby bought me a match for my purple flower cane so they would be the same. With my purple clothes, jacket, and sometimes purple hair, these walking sticks finished it off with style and class. I didn’t feel so self-conscious about using two canes.

So we are back to the present day, and I realize that I need more support, especially for walks with Miley. It is awkward to take her leash and two canes, so I have used only one and have not felt very steady, specifically on the grass.

About this time, I saw the Hurrycane ads several times a day on the TV and my computer. I think someone was trying to tell me something! So, I looked into them and decided to order one right away. One of the best features is that the cane will stand alone on its tripod base. This allows you to have it right by you instead of finding a spot to prop it up without it falling out of your reach.

So, it took that long to get to the title reference! LOL! My cane can ‘stand by me’ wherever I need it!

Another little bit of self-care is my new mask. Yes, we all have to wear masks; however, I needed to personalize it to feel it is in my control, like with the cane. I have been doing diamond painting kits to distract my mind from pain and depression. I saw a kit the other day online for a black mask and a beautiful sparkly butterfly. I ordered it, of course. It only took about an hour to do. I have lots of the “crystal” gems from other projects and can do different pictures on other masks.

For me, creating things or making them part of my personality is the best self-care I know.


I always like to include a song I have made reference to. Normally I would use the original by Ben E. King; however, this version, mixed in New Orleans with people all over the world, seem to fit our new reality.


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