The Evolution of Technology by Dream Big…

A Monday Funny from Danny over at Dream Big! I can always count on him for a chuckle or two.

Dream Big, Dream Often

hilarious-funny-cartoon credit: see signature

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Those Who Can…

© Sinemaslow | - Teach Learn Crosswords Have you heard the old saying, "those who can do and those who can't, teach? I have never found it to be true. Every teacher, instructor, professor, I have ever had have been great at doing what they teach. I believe the more you have experienced something, …

Let’s Create A Fine Chain By Sharing The Links…

Thought I would share this wonderful invitation! Be sure to post your link on Jackie’s blog and attend the next brunch. I will be there for sure! Jackie is a fine hostess!

a cooking pot and twisted tales


‘Welcome to all my new follows and friends and Welcome to the click-a-link club.

I appreciate the choice you made in deciding to follow my blog, which I consider as a present.

If you notice, as much as I am a very individually minded person, I am also a very community minded and conscious person. In simple terms, I like people.

In here, I try to have a warm atmosphere that is welcoming for all and I cook in large quantities, because I never know who is coming to tea or dinner.

So, do make yourself comfortable and feel free to say hey anytime.

Are you comfortable now? Good. Now put up your feet on that plump purple cushy foot-rest in the corner and let’s have a quick chat while you get your feet massaged.

My bit of experience of blogging has shown me how grueling it…

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